Fallout 4 Diary, Day One

As a lazy gamer, I usually don’t get my games until years after their popularity has waned. This year, I decided screw buying holiday presents for others- I was going to buy a Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle and actually be on the same page as everyone else for once.

Before you judge, know that every year I spend hundreds of dollars on thoughtful, perfect gifts for people and that this year I had the support of my friends and family in purchasing what I refer to as “The Selfish Bundle” and going light on the gifts. The bundle not only included Fallout 4, but Star Wars Battlefront, a Kylo Ren controller, and some Turtle Beach Star Wars headphones. I promise it was a good deal, even though I have never used headphones for a console game and am not 100% sure where to even plug them in- but (clap) no matter! I now have upgraded to an Xbox One!!

As it updated, I began to wonder if it was normal to feel sad for my 360. Does starting Fallout when I’m only halfway through Borderlands 2 mean I don’t love Claptrap anymore? No. It can’t. Claptrap knows and understands why I needed the Borderlands break. He knows. It’s not the game’s fault. I love the game, I love playing the game, and I consider Borderlands one of my favorite games. I just can’t right now. My main robot gets it.

After all the updates were complete, the first thing I got twitchy about was the change in dashboard. My 360 has and has always had (as Anthony’s did before it) a Batman Arkham Asylum theme package. If I’ve ever seen a plain background dashboard, I’ve blocked it out of my mind. So all the…plain….was making the slight dashboard changes seem like monumental changes- and as we all know, i can’t handle change. Also there’s a LOT more to the dashboard now. It took me awhile to get a pretty solid handle on the 360, so I don’t expect to be nav’ing like a pro anytime soon. I was able to figure out how to use a USB to get a custom serene enchanted forest backdrop, and I know enough to know how to start the game. So far, it doesn’t seem as easy to sign out of as the controller commands on the 360 were, but that could just be me not having discovered it yet.

Actual gameplay. Day one.

Spent and hour in character creation, which is not uncommon for me. I chose the female because I always do, I’m not even sure why. I gave her red hair, which most people will assume is to make her in my own image (though I did name her Alice) but really I was going for more of a LeeLoo look with the face and hairstyle. Can we all just agree for a second that Milla Jovovich is awesome, and Gary Oldman is the best actor ever? Ok, character creation over, I wandered around the house for a bit looking at things, and absolutely loving the whole Opening Credits of Eureka feel of the setting. I did have to phone a friend on how to advance the plot, because “play with the baby and spin the mobile” is not something that is ever going to occur to me to do without prompting. Things happen, GET TO THE VAULT!! And all the merch for the game starts making sense. Have I mentioned I did not play Fallouts 1–3? But I didn’t play any of the Elder Scrolls before Skyrim either, soooo come at me?

Looking back on the first day, I wish I’d spent more time in the vault sniffing around for stuff. Mental note to find time to go back and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I started reading a walkthrough that said you only get the wedding ring from talking to your spouse and…wait what? I totally have the ring in my inventory but never even THOUGHT to open my hubby’s pod or try to talk to him. They shot him in the cut scene, I saw no reason to go open him up, he’s dead right? Was he not dead? I learned about myself through this game that I am the worst wife and mother ever. Didn’t wanna play with the baby who is now gone and I keep forgetting is the driving main quest line, didn’t bother to check to see if my shot husband was still kicking around in his pod….but screw with my dog and I will CUT you.

Circumstances in my life make a lot of sense right now.

Note to self- go back and open the pod….

Back to the dog. I never thought I would find a companion/follower that I treasured as much as Lydia. And now there’s Dogmeat. He reminds me a little too much of my childhood German Shepherd and I can already tell that unless absolutely necessary- he will be with me for Always. I will not be able to choose another companion over him. Up to and including this damn all important baby. Eff you main quest line, I’m keeping my dog.

As far as companions go, he’s pretty top notch. Alerts me when theres things on the ground outside view coming to kill me, or when i’m about to blindly walk past a first aid kit. Dogmeat is my homedog.

The first session with the game I only played about 2 and a half hours, and only got as far as the first main area. With my trusty pup I got through all that museum business and the giant angry alien looking thing, took the powersuit back to the garage I met my new best friends at, and led the people from one dump homestead to a worse dump homestead. WOOT!! I figured that was a good place to stop and process the gameplay. It’s a LOT like Skyrim, which is a good thing, as Skyrim sits right above Borderlands as mah favorite game. Lockpicking is very similar, it’s got the 3rd person camera angle, and with as many hours as I spent rocking out with my Khajiit tail out in Skyrim- Fallout 4 feels very homey and familiar.

Which is good, as we discussed I don’t like change. But I do love this Pip-Boy thing. And Dogmeat.