How to Over-deliver, mental attitude and how to make use of it on Steemit

Wait. What?
Frustration builds up — you hit publish on a blog post here on Steemit with a smiling face and hopeful expectations from your fellow “Steem-mates” patiently waiting for page views and constructive comments to start rolling in. But as time passes and your Steemit-balance account stays the same you begin to wonder.
Social media and creating content to promote your blog or even business isn’t a new idea, however it has the potential to become one hell of an effective promotion strategic, if used correctly. Think about it, billions of people are using the world wide web and the potentional for coming generation reading your content is very likely to happen especially with the new blockchain technology.
With all that existing content and furthermore on the horizon. You better nail it.

Create value by content
All of us need a winning formula to succeed. By focusing on building content that over-deliver value to others you have the potentional to stand out from the crowd and reach your audience. The fastest way to achieve success is by far, by leading others to success. Don’t limit your ideas let them embrace you. Being patient and persistent in all matters of business building is important because it can very well be the difference between failure and success.
The very fact you are reading this blog post means that whatever your goals are on, they are likely going to happen (seek and you shall find.)

It’s not because of what I say but due to your focus and mindset.

Study how to create good quality content and in time you will grow and learn because you are listening to and reading from the right people.

It’s with this mindset that you turn on a switch in your brain and instead of saying “I can’t do that” you wait for a couple of minutes, thinking about it, and ask yourself the question “how can I make that happen.?”

Living the life you want doesn’t just happen on it’s own. As individuals we must strive to succeed, and make it a point to deliver on our own desires.

On Steemit you can apply the same mental attitude by focusing on over-delivering value to your readers by creating content that’s suited for the type of audience you want as followers or those you want to attract.

Keep over-delivering
As I aim to over-deliver for you

Best Regards