Diversity in Real Estate

I love my job. Real estate offers me a window. the window of opportunity, the window of vision, the window of wisdom, the window of patience and understanding.

Even our four legged customers get special attention

Not every transaction is easy. There’s a lot of anxiety that sellers and buyers have. As a Realtor, for me, it’s about drilling down to what matters. At the end of the day, who is buying, or who is selling is not important, it’s about what people love, the love of their family and about finding a place they can call home, and be happy.

What does home look like for buyers?

This month, I was lucky enough to experience another gratitude moment as we touched the baby -boomer customer who lost just about everything in the real estate crash of 2006–2011. She’s worked hard to prepare for home ownership again, and to find “her place” before she retires. Focusing on what that place looks like, feels like and will be, is the joy of discovery found in showing homes, in exploring neighborhoods and communities, or sometimes just by walking a 10 acre piece of property, step by step by step.

Recently, First Story agents worked with a family once on government support, now fully employed, raising children — all in honors programs in their schools and witnessing first hand their parents dedication to finding them a home — their FIRST home. Don’t think for a minute our relationship ends wht that sale, we are part of that family’s extended family now!

Some of our buyers have special needs. There is a joy in knowing how to help make the home they love work for them. The customer who is caring for his wife full time, was thrilled with our donation of a ramp to his front porch so that he can easily get her wheelchair out to the yard that they have never had. Tears welled up as he spoke of her never being able to get outside before their move. I could not have been more excited for them having a place where she can now share the rose garden he planted for her.

We love the diversity of our customers. We welcome the challenges to meet the needs of so many diverse life stages, to discover and help them with their wants and to hear their stories of why all these things are important to them. Mostly, we love visiting after some time, to have them share their “home” and all they have done to make it their own with them.

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