First Story Real Estate Company

Our Story

Once Upon A Time….

Wait… this story really is different. We are different. We are unique. We are all that is good in the real estate space. All that is ethical, professional and we are shaped by a higher level of expectations, not just from customers, but from within. We are closer. We lean in. We listen, but we hear. We serve. We are the first story for some, for others the second, third and re-written stories. We are partners in creating the space people call home, in finding the investments that people need to grow and prosper, and the tissue holders when people have to say goodbye.

There is nothing ordinary about First Story Real Estate Company in Tallahassee, FL. Partly by design, partly because of who we inherently are as human beings. We began our story years before the official opening in April, 2014. It took thought, preparation, moments of inspiration, literally blood sweat and tears and it took help from many others to arrive.

I am Debbie Kirkland, Broker/Owner of First Story Real Estate Company. I have a mission, I have goals and I have vision not just for this company, but of the vehicle this company can be for those who wish to achieve success, who want a deeper connection to those around them. I recognize that the calls for real estate services do not just happen, and we appreciate their origination. They are a product of skill, of knowledge, of creativity and of relationships. My goals for First Story Real Estate Company are to deliver real estate services in a way that people truly appreciate, connect to and want to share. My vision is to be engaged in leadership of the real estate profession, innovation and technology, to be able to offer a value-proposition to customers and professional networks that proves deliverable and authentic. The vehicle is the hand-selected agents who possess not only tools and technology needed in a digital age, but who share similar goals and vision, and deliver via their skills and talents.

“First Story Real Estate Company is different. The experiences of buyers and sellers tell our story. Our approach is on the deep human focus between real estate buyers and sellers. Our agents are forward thinkers, professional leaders and technology adept. Our culture is family, customer, and community and we feel we deliver something truly magical.”