Conceptual Reality

I laugh inside every time someone takes in the divine expression I AM and says…

“Wow! I love how your mind works…

I love your concepts”

With utmost respect and compassion. What makes you think this is a concept? I live in a deep life of visceral existence. And yes, life has crushed me more times than I can count. I say, it’s because life has a crush on me. And like a young maturing crush, boy, sure acts like it doesn’t like you at first. Did you catch that?

NOT a concept. Witnessed reality. On all accounts.

And then I go deeper from witnessed reality, to imagined reality… or what reality REALLY is… to LIVING REALITY.

I watch people living, literally a concept, while taking in deeper life I express… go “wow, what a concept!” Yet usually the “plan” is not really your plan. It’s an adopted outline from truly, God knows who, it’s been passed on so many times. And the skeptic inside you who would question the faith I express, is not even skeptical about my “blind faith” … but yours. Because there is no guarantee that the path scripted for you by a failing world (a world failing to better acknowledge its people) is going get you that well deserved reward. Or bring you that comfort your deepest self is asking for. Which you rightfully should be asking for. And you’re beginning to feel this inside as you work your ass off towards your goal. Realizing a goal is just a score in a game that never ends. So it only makes sense then, at some point in life you will get tired of scoring things. Thus seeing you have less and less faith in outwardly prescribed/pre-scripted realities, because they really aren’t your realities. As we shift deeper back into you and find your faith is not blind, it’s just misplaced. Of course this may or may not be you, only you know that, and the degree to which you find yourself. And it’s all ok.

My faith is not blind! It’s actualized. It’s lived. Its breathed. Its settling deeper with every breathe in fact. And see, I write this ONLY because people who love my concepts but can’t seem to bring themselves to embrace them…

Are secretly divine beings of mystic life, perhaps unconsciously aware of the MAGNITUDE of what they are awakening to. Most of them are already aware that the reality (or realities) they see around them are far more conceptual than the sense that my “concepts” bring. And this is the scary thing for a lot of people. When they really begin to realize, or ground the deep realization, that life as they know it… has been largely a conceptual reality. That the REAL concept, was an unsettling reality that no matter how much they told themselves “this is life” … it simply has never settled inside them. And this life stirring, and unsettling, inside them is being drawn out (or in) by these deep visceral expressions — being given through me. And others like me.

I’m not telling anyone how to live… their life. I will simply say there is only one way TO live. And it’s not by following some routine. Or some plan. It’s not even by acquiring the broadest understanding of things. It’s not learning how to be the most sophisticated or liked. No need to take me wrong. All these things are amazing tools to help you along, but will never take you the distance of truly seeing yourself — THROUGH THIS LIFE.

You gotta listen to my words, spoken or written. You gotta let them draw all the concepts out from life, and drown them in something deeper. I say “you gotta” because it’s naturally doing this, you just have to open your heart so your mind doesn’t shut down. Open your conscious heart to a depth that will naturally guide you whereever you must go. Listen lovingly until you HERE so deep, your life can never turn back to living the concept. But turn into (literally) a deeper life that will naturally draw you OUT, or away from, the conceptual realities that no longer serve you. And in truth, serve us. Even if many beings are still serving them. Can you sense this? The sense in this, of this? That’s what consciousness is. Not that you understand, but consciously begin to sense! This is how you acknowledge self, and develop senses far beyond common knowledge of a collective reality living ON/OFF concepts.

The mind’s true brilliance exist in its submission to the heart. Again some may say, brilliant concept, but I would be unprotected if I did that.

YES, you would!

And this is why even some of the most notably successful people are not even yet as brilliant as they CAN be. It’s why we give life to so much conceptual reality, and distract our deepest selves from a more spectacular reality. We are, essentially in many senses, truly…

Living the DREAM

It is no doubt why the collective spiritual presence long has called it, An Awakening! They say often, “People are waking up!” But many who adopt this statement aren’t even aware of the depths of what this means. Or more clearly, what it IS. What is, deep awakening? How do we shift from the concept; into internal actualization? That we can see, clear as day, externally!

So many still chase the dream while awakening! How funny is this life? I swear to God… God, your favorite pet is a hamster. So maybe the awakening is evolving the child of God, OR, the child God you are… from running your pet in circles… and into something more mature that lovingly pets everything around it. Cage free.

This is where so many souls turn away and secretly say, how can I love everything around me when I can’t even love everything about myself? Ah… there you are Child God. Look at the word “about” … those statements are identical in deeper conscious awakening. So even that question is a step closer to answering the call to your deeper being. As “about” means around, in proximity, near, roughly, in regards to! Yourself. Therefore the things about yourself, really have nothing to do with you, so if you don’t like them, fret not.

You have stopped the chase inside the cycle and simply stand centered inside of it with this question.

I have found, as surely I have written about, or talked about somewhere… if you can’t seem to slow down… THANK YOU is where it begins. Because when we thank the things we cannot stop, even if we don’t like them, they begin to slow down. Many times because they have never been thanked, and so they want to stop and HERE this new thing being given to it. We have a tendency to thank the peace, but not the chaos life brings around us. Then maybe not so ironically, find ourself, lost admist the choas. Have you ever come across a being that is in the middle of chaos and is not effected by it, at all? Most of us have even had a personal experience with this, then we get lost in the chaos of life in another experience and think we’re taking a step back. So It’s not a concept. Its clearly actualized. Just maybe not fully or wholly actualized, YET, in your life’s consciousness. That we can stabilize or settle our very being into a safety and love so deep we can be peace inside any external expression of life is not a concept. But a literal point of being inside a life largely with no real direction, running off concepts that drain most our souls leaving us with unatural amounts of substance. Or a feeling of lack. We are here to eventually realize, we are the center of life. And life truly does revolve around us. But we just tend to center who we are into our whereabouts. What we like about ourself. Thus we feel lost. Disconnected. When we thank and love everything about ourselves first, we naturally begin to love everything around us even if we don’t necessarily like it. At a certain depth, you will be so grounded in the gratitude of love, that the chaos will literally DIE in front of you, if not just to live in the presence of your Thanks. Or more deeply, the very thanks and gratitude you ARE! Exclamation marks are used to note the excitement in all of this BTW!

This is why you make the deeper journey despite what happens around you. Despite what the child inside you, the true one you’re here to raise, says to you.

“It’s not working! They won’t listen! There is a better way, hurry lets chase it!!! I hate you! You’re not apparent! Aka a parent!”

All the adorable things children externally say that you WILL hear inside this journey. That we WILL love and thank and transform. But you’re not taking this journey to kill the conceptual realities that we see being lived out all around us… ones we Are Beyond Knowing…are not in everyone’s best interest. Like, we viscerally sense through our core, these realities don’t work, or more clearly, serve the whole of who we are.

And there does exist a sense (we will evolve as we love deeper) inside us that we must end, unravel, and even yes, kill these realities. In all honesty, it’s why we have killed each other in past. Sabotaged, imprisoned, and did things to socially destroy peoples charater. So if we stop and really think about it, it’s clear as day these concepts of reality being lived out, do not even exist IN human beings.

I’m being bold here and will say, This is one of the greatest realizations any of us will ever ground and engrain. And is even so miraculous, it will be the beginning of the end to the realites just mentioned.

Because no matter how many beings of different depths of reality we kill, sabotage, or manage to ruin through social perception… the deeper truth in all does not die, but grow, and the atrocities of lesser concepts of how we should live only become MORE clear. Thus clearing a way for how to better live as one true conscious connected life. All of this has gotten us conceptually or virtually nowhere. As 1000's of years still have not internally ended senseless death and violence. Homelssness, abuse, and hunger. While in the deepest reality… it has brought us here! To this moment — in space and time — where humans are beginning to truly understand their being. Their purpose. Their life at the core. Not to kill these conceptual realities, or try to convince people of a better reality, but to live THOUGH a reality so deep — it rips through ALL the concepts. A reality so deep, no matter if you are checking someone out as a cashier, fixing someone’s car, or physically internally — addressing (operating WITH) — a being outside of you with the same internal love and care you give your own life… with zero fear of failure…

You are sensed by those around you! And your clear direction points them towards a safety and reality they have been avoiding. Or may not even been aware of. You are sensed in a way that will draw every expression towards you. Smiles. Bewildered glances. Self misery. Skepticism. Joy. Excitement. Peace. And instead of ever thinking, “what I am doing to draw such things towards me?” Or feeling you are not being what you “should”.

You simply smile and just be you. This is being. This is realizing you don’t have to Like everything about you… to LOVE everything “about” you! Sense that! Yes.

But Everyone’s Selling Something

Oh are they? Everyone may be, being sold on things. But when you’re deeper souled; everything is a free invite to a reality free of entertaining concepts. Because a deep reality entertains the hearts around it with something REAL! Instead of trying to get you to buy shares in some company that is not going to last, is not going to go the distance. The true distance, of seeing your self through. I’m not here to purely entertain you, though that’s a so called spiritual side effect, but to draw your attention away from entertaining distractions that keep you living out concepts that our clever divine children inside us, have sold us on; to keep us focused on having a million pets, instead of what can caress an entire world around us. Distractions that have kept us locked in our imagination bright as can be, in a place no one can see, but us. What I Am, is here to inspire a sense, by simply living more committed to everything in front us, following our hearts to move onto things that have LONG been calling for our presence, and to essentially position ourself internally and then externally, into a life that truly allows us to BE our deepest self.

For those who can’t wrap their head around this because they are too busy shielding the source of their deeper intelligence OF the mind-❤️…bless you and let me offer a lived experience. In my past life as a Chef, the amount of work mentally and physically was often tremendous. Now I could of very well micro managed people and done very little physical work, but for whatever reason inside my heart, it just didn’t feel right. How can I ask someone to do, what honestly on many accounts, is physically impossible for a LARGE portion of humanity… if I didn’t at least show at times, I was willing and able to do so?

But in the truest reality, not the up down, and spiritual non-sustainable experiment of conceptual reality…

My nervous system and body was never created to live inside such an energetically demanding space forever. In my souls honest reflection, from a linear perspective, I stayed there longer than I needed too. But in divine timing, all is well! This is my message to ALL sensitive souls being awakened to their own deeper realities at this miraculous time in existence! It’s very exciting.

What I am doing now, how I am being, what I am clearly able to share… could not live in the environment I once lived in. Well, of course it could since I lived through it! So perhaps a more “accurate” way to say it is, it could not of grown to what it IS… forever planted there. Like a fragile flower cannot grow in the dessert… perhaps you too must realize the truth in your heart, that the world you ARE, the world you’re bringing HERE, comes from a reality much deeper than the conceptual environments developed by ideas of not yet fully actualized beings of this life. And that’s ok. We are not judging, or even criticizing the life being maintained by divine children growing up by realizing they must grow in… into a deeper reality we more deeply awakened; are here to more rapidly make visible.

As the opening picture of my own divine child (as in — he’s my kid in this world!) so clearly shows… you can not manipulate the growth of divine consciousness. You cannot bribe, punish, program, or change the life being shown through them. You can simply nurture and support the deepest sense of life within them, and without you (as living out your deepest love and compassion)… so they can see they are never without you! This is how we draw a collective soul IN, and out of the lost child of divine consciousness; we are truly leaving behind, for GOOD. (Meaning we find and mature our divine childhood so to never turn back to being childish and lashing out at the world because we feel lost.) This will only come through our more deeper connected breathe, gratitude for everything in front of us, and committed love for everything seen and unseen. It’s not something someone like me is ever trying to sell you on, when us being wholly souled, simply depends purely on it.

Advertising smiles is one thing, but smiles are one thing, that is best advertised speechless. Because whoever said my son isn’t smiling, isn’t looking at the deeper reality of life. Since I smile and laugh every time I see this hilarious divine expression! 😄 So I continue to share with him, as I do with you out there, to draw him into that reality living inside him. Until it’s all he can show this world. I am faith, that one day, everyone will understand “my kid” and laugh with me at all these concepts people talk about!

You are loved. Thank you with the deepest gratitude for humbly reading and sharing.

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