Test of time
Vinod Shenoy


— — — — — — — —

Times are tested

In physical matter

When the molecular structure seems to scatter

Unstable in — but solid out

Wave to a friend…

And his silence shouts

“I have no time for the test you’re in!”

It’s like pestering — pestilence

Fester•ing …

Don’t bug me… I get… The plague of humanity

That’s cured in time

When we lose track of it…

That’s more than the half it;

A master IS:

• The equation of supreme mathematics That combines the infinite division of the universe

Into a single song

So will you all… sing along?

Thank you
I love you
How may I serve you
I’m grateful
God made you
And now that I’m able…

To end this quest for a test that I contest shuns my quest… there are no more… QUESTIONS

The ripples in the water tickle my daughter as I gently splash her

And I dare not ask her

If she knows the time

Because in this moment…

The flows divine!

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