Leave The Room Now

Understand. No. Just stand. Or sit.

You’re here to grow.

Know without a doubt your role is going to constantly change. And that nothing is supposed to be constant… accept the love you’re in. And if you don’t feel in love, the expansive journey for it is over so fast because it’s so close to home… we almost always miss it. That’s why you feel lonely. That’s why we say “life is short”. That’s why we “feel at a loss”.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about; I mean you just need travel into your own heart. Get out of your mind. Because let me tell you another secret you may not be aware of.

We all share the same mind. It’s so obvious there can’t be many who would ask for convincing… because we all have had the same thoughts. If we’re honest. (Though what we CHOOSE to share can be infinitely different.) Because here in this world, we have a unique gift other realms do not get to experience. Which is both mind blowing and heart wrenching. We are given our own hearts. This is the true power of choice stronger than the infinite power(plant) of thought we have idol(ed) far too long with. So is my purpose. To bring clarity our understanding may lack. To “move things in the right direction.” We are given our own unique source made from the very light particles of ALL source. And when you open up the intelligence it holds… embraces… freely…

We begin to ground a TRUE awareness no ones heart is bigger than another.

It is the continuous seeking of the all inclusive mind that puts you in the void. Where everything is possible, and yet nothing feels different. It will bring you every feeling imaginable and place you in its infinite space and time so that it is almost impossible to feel like you are going anywhere. And even when you do seem to move, you find its only within your own circle. Back to square one. Ground hog day. Has anyone been in this? Hoarding the same life without direction here on the ground. A constant prediction of when your shadow will be warm or cold.

I have a feeling many of you have experienced this. It is very common in this world. A “common sense” if you will.

It use to be the most heart centered of us would stay locked in our rooms. Or neighborhoods. Jobs. Largely going through the motions while out-in the world…

“put your head down and work”

…was like a line from a recently re-leased movie that’s been remade more than a dozen times. Literally “buying the mind time”. It was clear then, like it’s clear now… we had to leave our systematic world.

One created by our often abusive childhoods. So our children raised by the mind which rules in measure, this world, could see the souls getting restless. And the brightest heading the collective mind did the best they could to “keep the peace” ironically “between us.”

And with it, we created a shadow network. An anti social supreme system to redirect the deeper omnipotent connection we were beginning to make. With ourself & others. A connection to our own hearts. A connection to our neighbors hearts. A connection to giving ourselves the proper room. So it has become the greatest misdirection ever conceived in this life. The intention was good, because only good is going to come from it. But some of us are still dying in the virtual room we have created. Some of us are still lost in its grave consequence.

We run around existing, doing what we can, like good little boys and girls to “get our reward” and use the virtual world to entertain the rest of our infinite time and space. It’s why we say “killing time”. It is literally a filler FOR life. (ironically killing much of what we could be living out) Because if we weren’t so concerned with what the mind is doing with us… we’d have to be alone with ourselves and inevitably feel the pain of the planet that has long been ignored. Long been forgotten. Long been passed over. Yet a pain in our heart we have longed for. Because it is a pain that will heal the world once we tend to it. To be honest, I always write so subconsciously I consciously never know what I am going to write. So perhaps this is sounding grimmer than One intended. But when you have left the room of the collective mind, you become so confident in what is at play, you never question the work.

And so let the light shine

Because the heart also has room. It also is infinite. Since your body of work is so large, the universe has left all the room you could ever want. It’s only when you sit alone in the obsession of the collective mind do you feel crushed by fear. Thinking you have such a long way “to go.” When it’s just infinite space to BE.

Because I will be honest. The collective thought fears you! You are literally “taking on ITS fear!” Wearing it out. Which from the singular minds perspective you say, “I look scared.” Yet in the heart, see you are exhausting its very tired presence. Wearing it out. With every breathe.

You may be unaware in degrees of just how spectacular and life changing you are!

Because IT (the mind) is unaware. You ARE the unknown. Not the small world, at large, our lonely mind has created. Because largely, we know this world. The empathetic of us read the copy and paste patterns like a sticker book for a 5 year old. We laugh at Billionaires who want to charge for air when they can’t deny the fact that LIGHT… has always… come from the GROUND up.

So stop thinking and be thoughtful of yourself. We can’t charge for air unless we let out our own charge. Those of us aware we are on the ground floor of the universe!

You are destined to break yourself out of this room.

You have to step out into the real world. Even if it’s little by little. You only THINK it’s hard. Because that’s the only way the mind knows how to feel. The HARD way. Thought with little to no feeling. Listen to the collective gibberish:

Hard Work
Hard Line
Don’t Be A Hard Head
Life Is Hard
We Can Do This The Hard Way…
(My personal favorite:)
The Struggle is Real… Hard! …
(ok maybe I added that)

But when you follow your heart you begin to, spiritually speaking, cut the bullshit. Your markers pen your script clearly and choose your actors perfectly. Because You position yourself in places that become softer. You find people who speak kinder. You cross people that create double crosses of compliments. For no particular reason! Since the heart doesnt need to reason! And as you turn your back waiting to be stabbed… it’s literally a shock to your mind… when the light heart of others hits it where it hurts. Nowhere!

Smack dab in its middle of nowhere.

The light begins to shine. The spark begins to fill the the room. No longer looking out from its confines. But spreading out into the room you left… the infinite space you came to grow, and light. Because you do not make mistakes. You knew what you came to do. You knew you’d leave all the room you needed the second you entered here. You knew what was in your heart, always, frightened the room… because lets be honest…

it knows there is no room left for it once you believe (in) what’s in your heart.

Once you step out into the world little by little and begin to follow it. The mind has no room left because your heart engulfs it. Let me help you. Please.

(Repeat after me:)

I light the room. The room does not light me. The room was left for me. I was not left for the room. For even if I was kicked out of the room… its party would have no life. I came to fill the room with my substance… not merely to entertain the room. It is my time to leave the room. For my growth has begun. And I have left all the room I need. So every room I enter from this moment forward I shall fill with my greatness. By merely being in it. And this will not take the room anyone else may need, because I did not come to occupy anyone else’s room. The room I have been given is more than enough for me. And so I leave room for others. May my presence help others leave their own room; whether I’m coming or going. May I be the switch they need to enter the space of their hearts which will both fill, and leave, the endless room… which the mind of all attempts to fill. Void of all feeling. And so it is. My life will never be the same. I shall fill every inch of room I left for myself; confident my space will be ever growing in kindness, compassion, and my most loving destiny. For Anything less, I outgrew long ago.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

My kindest regards and sincere blessings. If this touches your heart and you would like to read more messages like this, touch my heart, and your recommendation has been heard by the very source.