No Time For Concern

Does not mean I do not care

But as far as I am concerned…


Can we move on?

Or does my unconcern — concern you?

See… my love values… so I have no concerns to earn you.

If you need something from me that I’m not already giving, maybe the makeup for the fight is with you; and not me?

The concern is people aren’t “there” enough. But if you’re present you can easily see where people are. Why then try find that place to please the order of dis-ease?

See I’m not concerned. I simply aim to be more and more present with LOVE.

Because do we want to know the deepest truth? If someone is looking for love… they will always be concerned in some degree of their divinity.

It is only when we become more and more our own divine love that we forget to worry about who loves us. Or how they love us. We surrender our concerns to a conceited heart. But not as the mind defines it. As the heart sees it. Absolute and unconditional love of itself.

It is so unconcerned with what those outside it want. It is able to give perfectly what the outside world needs!

Unfiltered. Unadulterated. Child Like.

❤️ LOVE ❤️

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