The Trap

In a world of pain… you are the sponge here to soak it up. And the greatest realization and service to humanity is becoming aware that your-self is a space so deep, so endless, so enduring… it’s a one way trip for pain. It’s going to make it in. But it’s not going to make it back out. Regardless if it changes how it acts in you or not, it’s not going to make you a link in the chain reactions that have mechanically kept us lost in these painful distractions. The pain is not going to make it out of you any longer. You are going to make IT out of the pain. No matter if it stops being painful or not. Because isn’t this World painful enough as it is. Transform it. And until you do… it’s not done in you. Love it with a gentleness and nurturing deep within your heart. Breathe deep the more intense the pain becomes so you suck it… not up… but in. To a place of no return.

How much pain must be trapped here in a world with no place to go but into your heart? The real trap has always been us. The question is, which version will you choose?

Somewhere in our consciousness we were asked to believe if we don’t “let it out” it will destroy us. But it simply isn’t the deepest truth. We’ve come here to end the pain. One way or another. It’s not making it out of us, fighting, to be alive. It’s fight is going to die trapped in our loving hearts… as we find there was no trap. It’s just a space of love so magnetic, why would you not be drawn to it? So embracing, so nurturing, pain and ecstasy alike die here. And guess who’s still alive. Guess who’s still here. No longer contributing to a painful trap of exhausting pain “into the world” by ironically dishing it out.

No longer trapped in a conscious mind of a painful world… releasing a life of heart centered attention. Ending for good… what’s been trapped inside for far too long.