To start Farming you need to select the desired Deposit Period for your investment. Enter the amount of FNB you’d like to deposit. Click ‘Invest’. That’s it. The Deposit Period can vary from 7 days to 1 year. Keep in mind that different Deposit Periods have different profitability between 10% and 550%. The longer your Deposit Period — the bigger the reward. Moreover we have prepared 5 huge Airdrop waves! You do simple tasks and get $FNB tokens as a reward! Two biggest Airdrops will be only for token holders! $FNB token is available for purchase on it’s own DEX FNB Swap or PancakeSwap!

Golden bottle of exquisite cognac

Exquisite — about says it all. Unique shape of this bottle is made in classic cognac style. Golden collections give value to this product. If you want to stand out from the crowd and show yourself as a true connoisseur of alcohol — this NFT card is definitely for you!

First NFT Bar Presale set on 30.11 00:00 UTC! This is the only way to get $FNB tokens with the lowest price 1 BNB = 83 333 ($FNB). Our team refused running Presale on a third party Launchpad. It means that our investors don’t need to hold or stake useless tokens.

Presale takes part directly on First NFT Bar Dashboard, you can find it by clicking the “Dashboard” button. There you can find general information.

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution: 200 BNB

Presale period: 21 day

First of all you have to connect your wallet using the “Connect” button and choose the BNB amount you are going to contribute. $FNB tokens will be transferred immediately and locked until the end of Presale time frame.

Today the First NFT Bar team has launched a website! We did our best to make it easy to use and functional! Kindly ask you to follow the link below and look through it! On the website you can find all information about our project, including tokenomics, roadmap, NFT cards, NFT barrels… One of the most important features is the Presale Dashboard! We take care of our community and created an opportunity for you to buy a $FNB token on Dashboard! Follow our social media and follow the news!

First NFT Bar

First NFT Bar is a future part of Metaverse allows investors to earn daily using a unique Yield Farming system! Make up to 550% APY with $FNB and get rewards!

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