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Nov 4, 2019 · 3 min read


Dear Community,

We have good news for everyone!!!

After months of hard work, First Kudi (formerly Kudi Exchange) is excited to announce the First Kudi Referral Program where everyone can earn Bitcoin just for signing up and referring friends and family!

We have created a referral platform that enables users to track all referrals and payouts. Users can now earn as much as they want by referring and promoting the First Kudi App. Earning is unlimited, so go ahead and spread the good news!!!


The First Kudi Referral Program gives users two ways to earn! The First is just by signing up and completing the steps. The second is by referring people. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Sign Up and Earn 650 Naira in BTC

First, just by signing up for the referral program and buying 5000 Naira worth of Bitcoin or GUSD you will earn 650 worth of bitcoin! But the really big payouts happen when you start referring friends and family…

Method 2: Sign Up and Refer Others to Earn 650 Naira in BTC Per Referral!

Here is the second way to earn. You’ll need to complete the first step (sign up for the program and buy 5000 worth of BTC/GUSD.) Then, for every person you refer who completes the 1st step, you’ll earn another 650 Naira in Bitcoin!

Below are the required steps needed to participate:

To qualify for rewards all users must:

  1. Download, Install and Register for the First Kudi App.

2. Buy at least 5000 NGN worth of BTC or GUSD

3. Register for the First Kudi Referral Program

4. Wait 2 to 4 Business days for Payouts.

Payout is about 650 NGN worth of BTC, but forthcoming promotional offers will greatly increase the rewards!

Here are two examples of how you can get rewarded.

Example 1: Sign Up and Earn 650 Naira in BTC

My name is Chuka. I downloaded, installed and registered the First Kudi App.

I bought 6000 NGN worth of BTC, and I registered for the First Kudi Referral Program.

I will receive 650 NGN worth of BTC to my referral e-wallet, which can be sent to my First Kudi BTC wallet.

Example 2: Sign Up and Refer Friends to Earn 650 Per Referral

Chuka from above refers Yinka to First Kudi.

Yinka downloads, installs and registers the First Kudi app and purchases 10,000 NGN worth of GUSD.

Yinka registers for the First Kudi Referral program.

Yinka will receive about 650 NGN worth of BTC to Yinka ’s Referral e-wallet.

The referrer Chuka will also receive another 650 NGN worth of BTC.

Now Chuka and Yinka can refer unlimited people, so they can earn as much as they want!

How to get started (Instructions):

  1. Download the Kudi Exchange APP from the playstore:
  2. Click below to register for the referral program:
  3. Wait for Admin to review your account, check your email for acceptance or rejection
  4. Make sure you have purchased at least 5000 NGN of either BTC or GUSD
  5. After Admin approves your account. Login to:
  6. Refer friends, family and anyone else.
  7. Everyone must follow the above steps to get paid.

More Exciting Ways to Earn

In addition to the referral program, we are developing others ways to earn just for using the First Kudi App! Special bonuses will be in place for early adopters, so don’t wait! Download the First Kudi App and get started today!

Good Luck and welcome to the First Kudi family!

Very truly yours,

The First Kudi Team

First Kudi

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First Kudi app (formerly known as Kudi Exchange) allows individual and businesses transact with one another using digital asset and local currencies.

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