Are we all unique? Or is that another one of those things people just say for the sake of saying stuff? Everyone has a unique fingerprint, a unique genetic composition, a unique combination of facial features. So, it stands to reason that we are as unique on the inside as we are on the outside. And yes we are (at least I think so). But to what extent? There are degrees to the variation that being unique stems from. Let's take electric fans and towels for example. There is a long list of differences between these two. They are both unique with relation to each other and the degree of variation is wide. But there are different types of electric fans and towels also, and when comparing the different types of each, you see that while they are different, the variation isn't as wide and when compared to other stuff. Just like in that book and it's movie adaptation about a girl and a guy that both had terminal cancer, some infinities are greater than others. Or something. I'm paraphrasing. My point is, these terms aren't absolute.

Are we on the same page? If yes, keep scrolling. If no, keep scrolling as well.

We are unique, yes. But not that unique. We aren't snowflakes (Disclaimer: I've only seen snowflakes on TV), we are toys of the same kind made in a factory. Each toy is different, but the difference is only apparent if you take a closer look. A very, very close look. Not the same toy of course, different kinds. The number is limited is what I'm saying. 
Each toy, in the argument, stands for a different type. Personality type, body type, typewriter (I had to slip a joke in somewhere. Tada!) and so on. If every human being that is alive today was placed in acontrolled environment, there will be a finite number of reactions to said environment. And each person who is put through this test will choose from one of the finite number of variables. Consciously or otherwise. 
The end.

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