This Is About Acceptance

I know now that publishing this is probably a bad idea. But my best ideas are bad ones. Sadly, this doesn’t mean they’re any good.

This is about acceptance. For me. A mental bookmark of sorts. “This is how far I’ve come and these are my thoughts so far”. 2016 has been less than pleasant for me so far, to put it mildly. And I don’t expect things to change soon. In some part of my mind, I expect my situation to get better as soon as the year ends, given that it got bad as soon as the year began. In the other parts of my mind, I know this is a silly expectation, given that years are arbitrary.

This is about acceptance. For me. Every time I do a mental evaluation of myself, which is very often, I am always disappointed. Somewhere inside, I believe I should be something more. Even though I have no idea how, or what exactly these expectations are based on. So, I curse silently and then sigh. Maybe this is just a phase. Maybe it’s the last bend before the final stretch and this is how things will remain. Who knows? This is about me accepting whatever it is.

No, there’s no point to this. And yes, I knew this before I started. But this is about acceptance. The myth. Maybe when I read through this, it would prove itself to be something more. Something real. Maybe not.