FishChain APP Launched — FishChain Weekly

Aug 20 · 2 min read

Hello and welcome to the FishChain Weekly Report!

FISH Market (as of 24:00 on 12 Aug)

FCoin — FISH price was 0.000004ETH

Gaex — FISH price was 0.00000394ETH

EX.FISH — FISH price was 0.0000035ETH; NFISH price was 0.000065NEO; IOFISH price was 0.3649 USDT

Market Condition (as of 24:00 on 12 Aug)

7 days transaction volume: 1,073

7 days transaction amount: 7,702,036 FISH

7 days total fishing rods: 197

7 days fishing data: FISH fish: 156,927 FISH; ETH fish: 0.07 ETH; BGX fish: 2000; Nfish: 40,075;

7 days fish breeding volume: FISH fish: 1,791; NEO fish: 592; ELA fish: 252; ETH fish: 71; WICC fish: 23; NNC fish: 4; ACT fish: 6; IOST fish: 392; NASH fish: 1; BGX fish: 1 .

Server Migration

In order to improve the user experience for players in China, FishChain servers were moved from Singapore to Hong Kong on 13 August 2019 at Beijing time. The migration has been completed. Currently, the access speed of FishChain in China has been greatly improved.

IOST Token Mining is Open

IOST token protection period has ended on 15 August 2019. On 16 August 2019 at 8:00, all fishbowls can breed IOST fishes to produce IOST token.

IOST Breeding Competition 1st Season Ended

IOST breeding competition 1st season has ended on 15 August 2019 at 16:00 and all rewards will be distributed by 23 August 2019.

FishChain APP Released

The long-awaited FishChain APP has finanlly been officially released. Currently, it is only available for download on WeChat and QQ Chat. We will display the download link on the official website next week.

WICC Initiated Higgs Deposit and Withdrwal Functions

WICC has initiated Higgs deposit and withdrawal functions on 16 August 2019 and the original GAEX transfer function will be turned off.

Happy Fishing and See You Next Week!

FishChain Team



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Fishchain is the first hybrid-token game ever in the world!

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