FishChain Weekly — January 8, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the second FishChain Weekly for January. Last week, we opened ETH mining and ended the second ELA auction. What’s more, there are a lot of new features were updated. This week, we will also prepare many new features and new activities for you!

FISH Market

Last week, FISH prices were relatively stable: FCoin platform, FISH price is 0.00000687ETH; GAEX platform, FISH price is 0.00000477ETH; EX.FISH platform, FISH price is 0.0000053ETH.

ETH Mining Opened

On January 5, ETH fish mining started. The ETH fish and FishBowl auction revenue was 110.222ETH and FishChain Partner raised 102ETH sponsor, and the initial mine pool was 50ETH. So, the total mine pool this time is 229.1554ETH, and the 70% of the ETH fishing fees, breeding fees and auction fees will also be added to the mine pool.

The Second ELA Fish&FishBowl Auction Ended

On January 6, the second ELA fish&FishBowl auction ended successfully. The highest price of ELA fish was 62 ELA and the highest price of ELA FishBowl was 456 ELA.

ELA 、BGX、ACT Fishing Competition

On January 3rd, the third week of the ELA Fishing Competition and the ACT Fishing Competition officially ended. At present, the ELA, BGX, and ACT fishing competitions are continuing, and fishermen’s friends can enter the competition fish pond to participate.

New Feature Updated

Last week, we updated our new features:

The breeding acceleration feature was updated. If you share your breeding to your friends, it can be accelerated. Users with real-name authentication can accelerate for 10 minutes each time, and non-real-name users can accelerate for 1 minute each time.

The multi-currency breeding function was updated, and both ELA fish and GAEX fish can be propagated. The breeding of NASH fish and ETH fish will also be opened soon.

More 70% fee was added to the mine pool for all currencies such as ELA, BGX, ACT, NASH and ETH.

A text prompt to the menu button on the home page was added.

Breeding Costs 20% Limited Time Discount

On January 7th, we launched a 20% discount on time discounts. During the discount period, you will enjoy an 20% discount on the use of other currencies other than FishCoins as a breeding fee. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the end time.

Novice Gift Package Online

On January 7th, the novice gift package was launched. Players can view the package in your personal interface. The novice task system will also be available soon!

Upcoming Activity

Recently, we will launch the ETH fishing competition. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time and details!

Happy Fishing!