Meet James from Systemate

We had a catch up with the Co-founder of Systemate, James Banks. He talks about his start up journey, where Systemate came from and his advice when starting up a startup.

What is Systemate?

We created Systemate to solve the problem of businesses not having a way to simply create business processes easily to help them scale.

Where did it all start?

Systemate was created out of my day to day Wordpress Web Agency called Web3. We were quite successful at making businesses quite busy through lead acquisition funnels and websites that convert. We found that when we did that, their back end processes for the business and sales process started to fall apart.

Why? They didn’t have a way to manage it effectively and their wasn’t a way to easily update them to change in technology that we would introduce.

They were on pen on paper, they weren’t on the cloud or even on a computer.

That’s why we created Systemate to have a simple way to create beautiful processes in the cloud.

How do you stay motivated?

Certainly being around great influential people that are all motivated to achieve their own goals.

Working on their own startups is a great way to be involved or also being in an event or being in a community around startups is my way of keeping the engine running when the going gets tough.

Who is Systemate aimed at?

Systemate is aimed at small to medium businesses. We find the enterprise market is really tied up for business processes e.g. SOP, Oracle, IBM but small to medium based business process solutions - their is a couple out there, but we feel their is a big market out their for Systemate to take advantage of.

Any Biggest Mistakes?

Certainly paying too much attention to self proclaimed gurus or expert advise. I found that

Once you start genuinely listening to your own self, your own tuition, your own gut and your own experience, you will not only be able to live a much more harmonious life, but the output of what you create is a lot better than trying to be influenced by others own thoughts and feelings. Being influenced by others is not being true to yourself.

Any advice for someone starting a startup?

You can certainly build a successful company by not just focusing on one thing and one thing only.

I feel that startups have been built today by being focused on one thing and one thing well. But I believe we are about to see the flip of the coin where their is a lot of things like integrations and middleware and brands and businesses that can provide a whole end to end service compared to just being a one off service or one small thing.

My best advice would be:

Don’t just try to focus on one small thing, but open yourself up to opportunities that fit within you and what you want to achieve within your own life and within your own business.

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