Blog of the Week: Everyday Power

This Weeks BOTW is Everyday Power!

Welcome Page

Everyday Power is a blog that features thoughtful and positive articles that inspire people that being their best self is the key to success. The blog offers inspiring and motivational articles, quotes and videos to be live a successful life.

Everyday Power was founded by Jeff Moore, an educator and TEDx feature presenter, that realized that people were becoming so consumed by the media and dedicated the site to giving his students meaningful articles not surrounding celebrities and material things. He created content surrounding the ideas of his favorite authors, such as Sun Tzu and Maya Angelou, and its application into daily life.

Founder and Educator, Jeff Moore

The blog also features interviews of successful people that go into how they themselves became the person they were and advice on how others can turn their dreams into reality as well. Interviews feature people from various fields, from successful artists, CEOs, and New Correspondents.

The blog has over 600 contributors and 7 million views from people seeking news ways and motivations to be live life to the fullest. It’s a great place to come when you some direction and motivation to find your passion and pursue it. Theres are over 1000 articles for endless inspiration in developing yourself.