Blog of the Week: Thrive Global

“More than Living. Thriving.”

Thrive Global, founded by Ariana Huffington, offers many articles and resources that promotes well-being while facing the stress of trying to “make it”. Their mission is to “End the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science based solutions to create a healthier relationship with technology” the company believes that’s we do not have to be slaves to our technology to obtain success and provides solutions that can help lead healthy lives while being productive in our everyday lives. Thrive Global recognizes the shifts that technology has made has made in everyday life. Thrive Global has different categories of articles related to well-being, purpose, working smarter and many more.

Thrive recognizes that there are points where we need to disconnect and live in the moment. Due to our hyper connected lives, we are losing connection to our society. So, disconnected that younger generations may feel that connecting with the people around them is unnecessary and are easily distracted and affected by minor things going on around them.

Thrive Global offers a platform to help us not get lost in how connected we are an appreciate the world around us in the moment. It recognizes the boundaries that we need to set with technology and how to set them and this is why I felt that Thrive Global need to be recognized as the Blog of the Week! Hopefully others can seek out the platform as a guide to being more mindful in their everyday lives and less distracted by the technology around them.