Blog of the Week: Zen Habits

This weeks BOTW is Zen Habits!

Short Feature Passage from Zen Habits

This minimalistic blog that is great for grounding us with the fast pace of life. It advocates the importance of having good habits that keep us mindful of the gift of life. The blogs founder, Leo Babauta, is husband and dad and within his busy life has found time to write several book and also maintain a healthy fitness routine and vegan diet.

Leo explains that Zen Habits if for “finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing and find happiness.”

Along with all of the great blogs that inspire good habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the site also offers links to his books and training courses into becoming more mindful and creating good habits. With 2 million readers, the blog is helps people recognize obstacles that are keeping them from reaching true mindfulness and cultivating good habits. The blog posts about 2 posts a week on topics such as Creating Powerful Mornings, Starting Over and Keys to Learning New things.

This is a great blog for everyone. In this digital age, it’s hard for us to really be present in each moment and Leo has created a platform to help us live our best life without getting caught up in the fast life.