How to buy $Fish

Here, we will introduce how to purchase Fish.
Fish (Fish) is a token of the BSC chain that uses BNB.

Contract Address (BEP20)

Prepare BNB for purchase

For BSC chain, you need to prepare BNB (Binance Coin) first.
Since BNB cannot be purchased on Japanese exchanges, you can either purchase it using an overseas exchange such as Binance , or purchase virtual currency on a domestic exchange and transfer it to an overseas exchange such as Binance for exchange. .
The purchased BNB will be transferred to a wallet such as Metamask .

Connect Metamask to DEX

Unlike CEX (centralized exchange) such as Binance, DEX (distributed exchange) where you can buy Fish can be bought and sold by connecting an external wallet.
For BNB chains, you can purchase Fish by connecting to a DEX called “Pancake Swap“.
After accessing Pancake Swap, connect your wallet from Connect Wallet.

Buy $Fish

After connecting your wallet to Pancake Swap, select Swap from Trade.
I want to exchange BNB for Fish, so I change the exchange destination from CAKE to Fish and specify it.
Press CAKE to open the token selection screen and enter Fish’s contract address to add Fish as an exchange destination.
This link will open Pancake Swap with Fish already specified.
After that, enter the amount you want to exchange to Fish and press the “Swap” button to complete the purchase of Fish.

You can confirm the purchase by importing the Fish token into the purchased wallet.

How to view Fish charts

Pocoin Charts

PooCoin Charts is a site that displays the prices of stocks that use BSC.
If you connect your wallet to this site, you can buy and sell while watching the chart.
Prices for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will not be displayed unless the management applies.


Dextools is a site that displays tokens of various chains such as BSC and Ethereum.

Below are links to each of the Fish sites.
$Fish Poocoin Chart
$FishDextools Chart

You can check the latest information on Fish on various SNS and Communities.
We look forward to your participation.



The beginning of a new Fish myth.

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