Daily game of “chicken” takes place at Susquehanna and Norris

The bizarre intersection of Cedar, Susquehanna and Norris has become the venue of many games of “chicken,” an automobile based game of brinkmanship. Both drivers head directly into the center of the intersection, both hoping the other driver will turn away before they collide.

“I like go through this intersection on the way to work,” says Fishtown resident Gabe Scanlon. “With the adrenaline boost I get from playing chicken, I don’t need my morning coffee!”

The intersection is host to dozens of games every day. Players line up at the stop signs, and then both put the petal to the metal at the same time.

“I have no issues with the game,” says Route 25 bus driver Adam Flynn. “Bus versus car, bus always wins. Many people don’t know this, but these SEPTA busses can go from 0–60 in a couple of seconds.”