El Bar patrons riot over rising price of Citywide Special

The scene outside the El Bar on Monday night.

The El Bar (1356 N Front St) recently had it’s hands full with a mob that formed outside it’s location. The mob was protesting the raised cost of their popular “Citywide Special,” a 16oz can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a shot of Heaven Hill. The bar recently increased the cost from $4 to $4.25, citing Heaven Hill Whiskey’s rising bottle price.

The Fishtown Gazette was on the scene, talking to some of the protestors.

“The price of living is skyrocketing, and this recent increase at El Bar is the last straw,” says El Bar frequenter Max Albasi. “We are here tonight to make our voices heard, this dive just can’t screw us like that, it is totally unacceptable.”

Other protesters were chanting “Not my Citywide,” a play on the anti-Trump slogan. When asked if the protestors had been to the Women’s March or any other recent protest, many said, “no, we fight for what means the most to us.”

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