Pizzeria Beddia to market new cookbook to waiting customers

Nothing could have prepared Pizzeria Beddia for the hordes of pizza enthusiasts that would line up after their ‘Best Pizza in America’ declaration from Bon Appétit magazine. Now, the lines that form outside of the restaurant are reminiscent of those for new generation iPhones, or limited sneaker releases. At 5:30pm, the door of this tiny 300-square foot storefront opens and customers can now order and have owner Joe Beddia estimate how many more hours they will have to wait for their dinner.

“I don’t have time to wait in that line. Before that friggin’ article came out, you could just walk in and grab a pie,” said Michael Benke, a longtime Fishtown resident. “Now, my only options are Central Pizza, Tommie’s Pizza, Fishtown Pizza, Slice, Pizza Brain, Key Pizza, or Medusa Pizza. Or I could just wait for the Fishtown Pizza truck to drive by my house.”

Wanting to relieve the boredom of waiting in a long line, Beddia will install a book vending machine, much like the one installed at Soup Kitchen Cafe last April. The machine will be stocked with Pizza Camp, the new cookbook by Joe Beddia. The book will go for $15, which might be a worthy price to help pass the time in line, especially after customers phone batteries die from snapchatting pictures of themselves.

Beddia explained the need for the book vending machine, “Fishtown is still getting used to this influx of young professionals with too much time on their hands. It doesn’t look as worrisome to neighbors if everyone waiting out front for their pizza is just reading my book.”

If you have a job, family, or any responsibilities in general that prohibit you from visiting the vending machine you can pre-order this book now on Amazon.com for $15, which is $5 cheaper than the least expensive pizza sold in the shop. The online reviews highlight a few of Joe’s recipes like Bintje Potato with Cream and Rosemary, Roasted Corn with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes and Basil, and Collard Greens with Bacon and Cream. It should be noted that all of these dishes are not and never will be available to order in the restaurant. When we questioned Beddia about getting a soul food recipe from our favorite pizza man he asked us, “Haven’t you ever been to a good Indian restaurant and wished you could get their recipe for potato salad?”

This is a guest article by Arctic Trash Talk.