Thompson & Frankford to get more complicated

The intersection of Thompson Street and Frankford Avenue will get additional signage and streetlights in the coming months. The move comes shortly after the introduction of crosswalks and stop signs to the crossroads.

Dubbed “traffic trees,” the unique stoplights will be able to direct traffic from Thompson St., Frankford Ave., and Shackamaxon St., as well as the two proposed bike lanes.

The Fishtown Gazette met with a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Streets Department, and they had the following to say:

“We just wanted to make the intersection easier for the community to use. It started with the stop signs, and we will be adding much more directional signage and stoplights in the months to come. We are excited about the safety and functionality we are bringing to the intersection.”

“Next up, we are targeting the intersection of Norris, Susquehanna, and Cedar.”