I think it’s time we need to establish something important.

Being Transgender is not a bloody get out of jail free card.

I find it infuriating, on a regular basis, having conversations about transgenderism with people who are genuinely interested in learning more about what I’m going through, of late. I’ve complained about Ms. Jenner, before, but over the past week, another name has come up.

Chelsea Manning.

“I have a hard time taking it seriously, now, after being Transgender is apparently a valid defense for knowingly, and willingly committing an act of treason.”

Well. Fuck.

That’s actually a problem I similarly have with Caitlin Jenner using being trans to excuse a DUI and someone dying.

I can honestly understand the frustration on this topic.

Worse, if you ask any of my Transgender friends.

I support the position.

In fact, as an activist, I believe I *HAVE* to support this position.

While I gladly petition for better treatment of transgender people, and advocate against their inappropriate treatment by law enforcement officials, and while I gladly petition my government officials for equal treatment in schools, work places, bathrooms, and penitentiary facilities, I must accept a truth that comes with this.

We cannot demand both equal treatment, and demand to be considered some form of elite class in which being Transgender means we are immune to being imprisoned for valid crimes, like a DUI homicide.

Or treason.

Many of this community are celebrating the release of Chelsea Manning today.

I am not.

And I expect a great deal of hatred, for not doing so.

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