Fisticuffs Beta — 10/15 Updates

Hello, gents. Last evening’s patch included the following changes.

Balance Changes

  • Super Punches — Damage: 18 -> 15. Your fist emits white sparkles when your Super Punch is ready. Punches carry you forward more consistently now (both on the ground and in the air), but jumping before performing the attack does not make you go farther. Also,,the “hot time” of the punch has been delayed slightly (the active window starts slightly later from 0.1s to 0.15s after your click).
    Note: These nerfs are not complete yet; Super Punches are a bit out of line still. In a later patch, missing a Super Punch will put the Super Punch on cooldown for 6–10 seconds. I want to see how these consistency changes affect the punch type first.
  • Critical Punches —Chance: 20% -> ~25%*. New effect: A critical punch will have a yellow beam. *Critical chance now uses pseudo-random distribution versus true random distribution. You become more likely to throw a critical punch if you’ve thrown non-critical punches, and even more likely if you’re landing non-critical punches. This makes critical punches far more consistent.

Other Additions

  • Server Shutdown System — A system was put in place so that I can shut down individual/all servers after a brief delay. This makes shutting down servers for purposes of testing much more graceful. If you’re in game when this happens, you’ll see purple messages in the chat every 1 minute, 30 seconds or 10 seconds depending on how much time is left. You’ll also be reminding why the server is being shut down (game updates, server broken, etc).

Bug Fixes

  • The team scores HUD now displays scores properly. This problem was hard to track down because it was a replication issue between the client and server.
  • Some beam script issues were fixed. Lagging players probably won’t see beams stuck in the sky anymore.
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