Fisticuffs Beta — 10/25 Update

It’s here. The biggest update for Fisticuffs to date has arrived and it brings a ton of awesome things to everyone. Let’s get into it.

User Interface and Controls Update

All of the interfaces have been overhauled into one cohesive theme. There’s now a main menu where you start when you join the game and several sub-menus, each navigable with either mouse, gamepad or touch. Almost all text in the game uses one of three custom fonts, and the HP and punch type bars are much larger and more visible. Many facets of the interfaces have yet to be finalized, so keep an eye out for further adjustments in future patches.

Punching Changes

  • During the “hot time” of a punch (the duration that your fist will hurt someone), your character will not rotate. This means you have to put just a bit more thought into aiming your swings because your direction cannot be corrected during the swing. Also, swinging your character around will not maximize your area of effect. Your character can still rotate during the “warm-up time”, though.

Blocking Changes

  • Blocking a punch will now knock back the attacker a short distance. This is to force a disengage between the two players, as well as tone down the huge shift in power that the block-stun provided. Because blockers now have to walk up to the puncher to retaliate (go on the offensive), they lose a bit of time to retaliate. You won’t be able to get two full punches out on someone you’ve blocked, but rather now one and a half punches. This is to shift blocking away from offensive playstyles and toward defensive.
  • Movement lock on blocking increased from 0.25s to 0.4s. This means that blocking will keep you in place during the animation slightly longer. This is to make sure the defensive playstyle buff from the knock back (see above) is not as extreme.

Power-up Changes

Power-ups are meant to break the defensive playstyle. When you collect one, my goal is to make the player want to immediately go on the offensive. As such, the power and shield power-ups have been modified to interact with blocking to make blocking a non-factor for the attacker, but keep the power-ups from being overwhelming for the defender to deal with.

  • Each power-up has received a new model and particle effects that convey what the power-up does more clearly. Thank-you to DrPopular for your awesome power-up models!
  • Shield (blue): Now properly blocks you from being KO’d at 1 HP, but still gives the attacker on-KO effects (Rampage). Additionally, if you are shielded, you won’t be stunned from punching a player who is blocking, but doing so consumes the buff. This does not prevent the knock back effect (see above). There is now a burst particle effect for when the shield is consumed.
  • Power (yellow): You are won’t be stunned from attacking a blocked target, but doing so consumes the buff. This does not prevent the knock back effect (see above).
  • Health (green): You now are healed for half the amount instantly, and the other half over 4 seconds. You stop receiving health when at full HP.

In summary: for those who pick up power-ups, you won’t have to worry about block-stuns because it will only cost you the power-up buff (and not 2.5s of your time). For those defending themselves from powered-up attackers, focus on blocking and you’ll be rewarded with a leveled playing field.

Other Changes

  • Punch types must now be unlocked with moustaches at varying prices through the Shoppe. These prices are not supposed to reflect the overall power of the punch (the goal will still be balance), but rather give a natural progression for players to try different punch styles. Additionally, each punch type is designed to have a “counter” punch type or playstyle that players can choose to “beat” that punch type.
  • You can purchase 100 Bona-fide Moustaches for 350 ROBUX. The price and quantity are subject to change.