Ahh the 10 year college reunion. It may be superficial to think this way, but deep down inside everyone wants to look their best, have the best job, and have the best looking spouse when it comes around. Admit it or not, on some level you do. So if you are broke and don’t have a partner, we can help you out with these 5 tips to look great when the time comes for your 10 year college reunion.

1. Plan Ahead

A college reunion doesn’t happen all of the sudden in most cases. So you’re going to have some time to plan ahead. This is the perfect time to get your regime together. Asses how much time you have and realistically see how many times per week you can workout and what diet you can tackle.

2. Get Help

You are going to need some help. Now, you don’t necessarily need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer. The key here is to know what your doing and get a baseline. Most personal trainers at your local gym are more than qualified to guide you. People love honesty so just tell them you want to look awesome for your college reunion and they might throw in an extra training sessions.

3. Your Diet

Your diet is going to have to be on point. Chances are your past your thirties and you can’t down a burger or pizza and just run it off on the treadmill. Any types of toning or weight loss are dependent on diet. Cutting out sugar is a great first step,read this article on why you should cut out sugar. Don’t follow trendy diets that have absurd claims. It’s all about balance. A trainer can also help you, but be wary of someone trying to squeeze some extra money out of you. The best is to use common sense and cut out the junk.

4. Be consistent

Consistency is key. There will be no results if you can’t be consistent and you will be pretty bummed out if the date comes and you haven’t made any progress. Plan realistically first and then ramp up the tempo. It’s tempting to go hard at first because your motivated to look good, but you will end up sore and are more likely to give up. Read this article about consistency for more

5. Be patient

Patients and consistency are not the same. You need consistency to get into a habit, but you ultimately need patience when at first you don’t see a change. A diet and workout regime first of all take time to get used to mentally. Secondly, your body will need to get used to it. According to psychologists, it takes about 22 days for someone to form a habit. So be patient at first and then reap the benefits from looking your best and soaking in the compliments.

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