FitBenefit Studio Spotlight: Mile High Run Club

Meet Mile High Run Club. The first dedicated studio for runners. Debora Warner, founder of Mile High Run club started her studio because saw a need to provide a place where beginner and advanced runners could train together with a coach and keep a fun environment similar to a spin class.

Neighborhood: Noho

Classes Offered: Mile High Run Club offers 3 types of classes.

-Dash 28: a 45 minute class that consists of 28 minute intervals and 10 minutes of strength training.

-High 45: This is a 45 minutes interval-based endurance class that covers between 3–5+ miles.

-The Distance: This advanced class is all about 60 minutes of continuous intervals, tempo and hills on the treadmill.

Why Do We Love it? In a world of spinning classes and bootcamps, MHRC offers a refreshing take on running and studio classes. You get the expertise of experienced runners, and the atmosphere of a fun and energetic class

Know Before You Go: This is studio is open to beginners and you don’t have to be a runner in order to drop in for a class. You can walk, crawl, or run. Just don’t be a sissy about it!

Which Class Should You Try First? Mile High Run Club Coach Hollis Lotharius is great for first-timers, we suggest you start with a Dash28 class first and work your way up. She’s super encouraging, high energy, and detail oriented. She’ll give you the right amount of butt-kicking that you’ll be sore, but still want to come back for more.

For The Nerds: You can tell that Mile High Run Club was started by run-aholics because of their treadmills. You’ll find 36 Woodway 4front treadmills. Woodway’s patented slatted belt technology, is easier on the joints and makes you feel like you’re running on an actual trail.

What To Expect In The Future: MHRC is expanding next year and will not be limited to indoor sessions. They will offer full and half marathon training programs supervised by Olympic Coach John Henwood. Other events include community events like indoor races with a live DJ followed by drinks.

You can check out Mile High Run Club on their website

Twitter: @MileHighRunClub

Instagram: @MileHighRunClub

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