Most forms of fitness that we see today, at one point was part of a niche category. Rowing, bootcamps, crossfit all struggled with early criticism. However, now boutique studios which offer specific types of fitness classes, have solidified themselves as a front runner in the fitness world.


Gyms for most people are boring. They are big, cold, and sometimes un-inviting. To workout by yourself you need the knowledge and the will power to go consistently and push yourself when you don’t feel like it. Boutique studios offer a wolf pack like atmosphere where everyone is in it together and for 45–60 minutes you battle like a team.

When you analyze the facts it makes sense. These gyms are smaller, so overhead compared to a gym like Equinox and Crunch is minimal. Most studios like SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp have cult like following, so their classes are always filled and their retention rate is very high. Also classes don’t come cheap at around $34 a class. Anyone who has run a business will tell you that low overhead, high demand, and premium pricing is a recipe for success. Most studios also offer a hell of a workout so people see results and positive changes. People are then more likely to tell their friends and get them onboard also. Referrals and Word of mouth advertising were crucial for growing boutique studios.

Health consciousness and the craze behind crossfit also have helped boutique studios launch to the forefront Being fit, working out and living a healthy lifestyle has taken a new cool. So cool in fact that SoulCycle has their own line of apparel. SoulCylists don’t bat an eye when paying for t-shirt or sweatshirts that can cost up to $250. That’s real loyalty.

When it comes down to it, these studios have positively changed the fitness industry. Everyone can benefit from small studios that care about customers. The only problem is, can studios grow and still keep their culture?

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