How To Pig-Out On Thanksgiving and Not Feel Guilty

As we enter holiday season, it’s easy to get carried away with all the festivities and lose sight of your diet and end up feeling bad about yourself. Thanksgiving, Vacation, Christmas, Christmas parties, Christmas, and New Years Eve are great opportunities to go wild.

The average full Thanksgiving meal can have upwards of 4,500 calories. Sure it’s great to eat, but like taking drugs or one night stands you just feel dirty and regret it the next day.

Here’s 3 ways how to feel a little less bad about yourself:

Since Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away, now is the perfect time to prepare.

  1. Hit a HIIT class

Classes like Barry’s Bootcamp or SoulCycle are awesome examples of HIIT Training(High Interval Intensity Training). You burn more calories in a shorter period of time and feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Ideally 2–3 sessions before and after Thanksgiving are perfect and can help you burn the calories you ingested. The classes run a little pricey at over $30 a pop, which if not in you price range there are many ways you can do a HIIT session by yourself. Here’s a great example of a HIIT session for women:

If you’re a guy or prefer doing it on a treadmill here’s a great HIIT example:

2. Slow Down

This meal comes once a year, you’ve been thinking about it for weeks and finally the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and pie are all in front of you in their glory. A rookie mistake is pounding everything down to0 fast. Why? You’re guaranteed to over-eat. It takes some time for your stomach to catch up with your brain, so by the time your stomach is full, your brain might not know it yet, and inevitably you will over eat. Pace yourself.

3. Watch out for “Hidden Calories”

Don’t be a basic b***h and lay off of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. A Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte has 420 calories, you don’t need those kind of calories in your life. Also Thanksgiving and holiday parties alike always have lots of booze around, note that while it may be nice to wind down, your not giving your body much of a break with those extra calories. Excess amounts of alcohol also disrupts your sleeps REM pattern. REM is thought to be the most restorative and quality state of sleep, so robbing your body of it will make you feel more tired after your holiday break. Here’s an article about REM sleep from WebMD:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and look out for our next article where you can find out more workouts that will give you your best bang for your buck to burn of those holiday calories!

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