The Most Common Misconception about 6 Pack Abs

As a former professional tennis player and gym junkie for the past 15 years I have heard a lot of sound advice about health and fitness. In that time I have also seen many people cluelessly wandering for years without effectively achieving the abs they want. People have been hurt by the most common misconception.

Doing hundreds of crunches and sit ups per day does not equate to well sculpted and visible abs.

Why is this not effective?

Every single person has a 6 pack. However, the ones you can’t see are usually covered by a layer of fat that shrouds them. If you are a guy and your body fat is above 10% then your abs are less visible. The scale for women is slightly higher at around 12%-15%.So naturally, it is only when you drop your body fat, do your abdominal muscles start to show. However, dropping body fat and ab exercise should be treated as two separate subjects. Ab exercises are not a determining factor for visible abs. The determining factors for dropping body fat and visible abs are;

1. Diet

2. Cardio

I was convinced by this when I went to see the exhibit “Bodies”, an exhibit of nude, dead bodies that have been stripped of their skin and fat to show their muscles, tissue and other parts. I noticed that without the fat and skin, every body had really well sculpted and visible abs. So stop with the crunches and I suggest you look to your diet and treadmill for more effective results.

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