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The Rise of the Everyday Athlete

Kettlebells, squats, deadlifts, battle ropes. If you have experienced any of the mentioned exercises than you probably are an experienced athlete……well not anymore. The country club gyms are dead.

15–20 years ago if you walked into a gym you would see something similar to the movie “Pain and Gain”. A giant gym littered with Stairmasters, treadmills, and pointless exercise machines. Since the birth of Cross fit, Barry’s Boot camp, SoulCyle, and many more, people have been introduced to athletic style workouts and training. Finally!

The news will tell you that people in America and around the world are getting fatter each year. Ok, I guess we can agree with that. However, what they are not talking about is the amount of people going to the gym, working out with personal trainers, competing in IronMan events has gone up considerably. Paleo diets, gluten free, and protein supplements have become the norm in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. 15 years ago, this was not the case.

Iron Man Event

Going to the gym, and lifting weights by yourself is boring! Commercial gyms have been around since the 1960's and it has taken this long for a change to happen. CrossFit was introduced into to the world 15 years ago. Now hundreds of thousands of people around the world go to classes and compete in events regularly. 20 years ago if you were a trainer and told a client that you are going to work on deadlifts with them, they would give you a crazy look. Now they say, “Do you even lift bro”? I think the mentality of people becoming everyday athletes is great! People are competitive and are creatures of habit. The best part is that people want to workout and get fit; the friction involved with getting strong and healthy is gone!

It will be very interesting to see what the next 10–15 years will look like in the fitness world!

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