By now you have probably become familiar with what Snapchat is. If you have been living under a social media rock for the past year, Snapchat has grown exponentially to over 100 million users that watch over 7 billion videos every day. It has surpassed just being used as a sexting by teenagers to a a legit communication app. From a business perspective, Snapchat’s most attractive opportunity is in the attention graph. If you have say 1,000 followers on Snapchat, 900 of them are likely to watch it. Snapchat is like email in the 90’s. If you create compelling and great content like useful tips or videos, the rewards can be huge.

What Does This Mean For Fitness?

Twitter or Instagram are noisy places. If you upload a picture on Instagram yeah you may get 100 likes, but how many of those people actually give a shit about what you are saying? Snapchat is very candid. Everything shared on the app feels very personal. This is a perfect opportunity for trainers, gyms, and studios to stand out in the noisy social media world. People who are interested in fitness or working out are constantly looking for the next great piece of information. Snapchat allows gyms, trainers, and studios to utilize that opportunity and convert a customer. If you can create videos with useful tips or have trainers with awesome personalities you are already mils ahead of the competition. Beautifully edited pictures on Instagram are becoming a dime a dozen. Video or picture quality on Snapchat doesn’t matter if your content is meaningful and useful. It’s as simple as having a trainer explain an exercise in 10 seconds or uploading a video of what a class looks like at a studio. Creating content on Snapchat is damn easy. A great addition is you can save your videos and then upload them to other channels like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Try it out for a week, I promise you won’t regret it.

If you are a gym, trainer or studio in the New York City area, email me directly at julian@fitbenefitapp.com and we can create some awesome content for your customers on Snapchat!