Begin your fitness journey…

‘Fitness’ or the idea of being fit, is perhaps one of the most aspired, envisioned and motivated thing today. Starting a YouTube channel maybe a close second. But yes, nothing beats the influx of people’s’ interest towards fitness. Even people, who have never exercised in their lives or has the least interest in actually exercising or eating healthy, can endlessly talk about ways to get fit.

There are numerous conversations or tête-à-tête about the best food to eliminate toxins, or how to simply go all organic, lactose free, gluten free and so on. It is understandable and everyone should be given the benefit of their doubts. But not everyone is an expert, so listen or read most things with a pinch of salt. Most don’t know it all. We all, have at some point, talked about fitness and getting fit, discussed it at length and procrastinated on it for an even longer length.Topics are endless, and true to human nature, so are excuses.

“Tomorrow I shall become a new leaf… Tomorrow I will wake up on time and go for that jog I have been planning for a year…. Tomorrow I will make use of my annual gym membership… Tomorrow I will eat better… Tomorrow!” The key word is tomorrow, the one word that is always our last solace of hope. The one word that actually eradicates the present guilt.

The main question is- Is being fit really such a difficult task? Have we made such a great deal out of it, that people have started looking at fitness as a Herculean task that needs a great deal of determination and focus to achieve?

What is fitness exactly?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical fitness is defined as ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.’

So anyone, who is disabled cannot be considered physically fit?

Strongly disagree.

One should realize that fitness is not about achieving a goal, but is an ever evolving process. It is all about aspiring to lead a better life with the right balance of physical activities, rest and proper nutrition, and most importantly acting on it.

So have we been looking at fitness wrong all this while? Or are we just promoting it wrong? We are bombarded with images of chiselled abs and those incredible muscular bikini bodies and decide that a great body is the definition of fitness. A beautiful body is all that we aspire. There is no denying that looking good is a delightful pro of being fantastically fit. But it is definitely not all about that.

We have heard time and again that one should eat healthy, sleep enough and exercise regularly to be healthy and fit. Yet, there is a very small group of people who actually pay attention and imbibe all of it. They are the true ambassadors of fitness.

So today is the day you start. Start small if you want- the five minute jog, or maybe using the staircase instead of the elevator. Start drinking more water if you have not. Maybe eat a fruit or two. Start and sustain. Only action matters, and trust me, old habits die hard. Once you develop a whole healthy lifestyle, and it becomes habitual, you will be stuck with it for life.

In the upcoming weeks, I will write and try to cover as much ground as possible about topics related to fitness and nutrition. I will, in my own small way, try to help you understand all about food and exercise, and help you nurture and strengthen that amazing body of yours!

I am wrapping up this blog by saying, “Welcome to my world of fitness!”