5 Tips To Get Your Fitness Habits On Track Right Now

A Relatable Beginning

Today is the day. Today is the day that you finally take control of everything in your life regarding health and fitness. You’ve been wanting to jump in head first and take control of what seems like an increasingly challenging goal as the months fly by…but it seems like the months turn into years.

You’ve tried it all and now you are thinking it’s just not possible, how could i ever take control of my fitness level?

I’ve tried waking up early, i’ve tried completely changing my diet, i’ve tried to go to the gym 5 times a week like all of those articles suggest. I’m just tired and it doesn’t seem to be getting me any results!

Trying to take on all of this at once is undoubtably a hard feat to accomplish. As a matter of fact, it may even be counter productive and more harmful than you think!

Not harmful in a sense that doing all of these positive routines will harm your health in anyway. It can be harmful in the sense that it may just be too much to understand and take on at one time and that is why most people give up.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to climb Mt. Everest… would you roll out of bed early one morning and hop a plane to Nepal and just begin climbing? Of course not, you would have to train yourself to be ready for that.

That’s why we are giving you 5 tips you can incorporate right now to begin getting on the right track, at a pace that makes sense, to ensure that you will move forward each day towards a healthier you.

1. Begin To Cleanse Your Body

This is one of the easiest things you can begin doing for yourself to get rid of the all the toxins (garbage) inside of your system. People hear cleanse and they immediately think… “This is going to require me to take a bunch of cleanse pills and products, i’ll skip this part.” When in reality, it’s as simple as making the first thing you drink when you wake up a glass or a bottle of water with freshly squeezed lemon in it. That’s it!

You can begin cleansing out your system of nasty toxins by simply drinking a large glass or bottle of water with lemon squeezed into it. That is as simple as it gets.

Pro-tip: Make sure it is an actual lemon, and not the lemon juice that comes in those little plastic lemon shaped bottles. Also make this the first thing you drink every morning before getting on the run and grabbing that coffee before work.

2. Understand How The Body Works

You will read all over the place that everyone’s body is different and it is, to a certain extent. It is different in its physical look and shape, but each human being on this planet has some key things that don’t change and we should be doing the right things to take care of our body.

If someone says to you, “Maybe your body is different.” Think about this, each car company is different as well. Toyota’s are different from Honda’s and Honda’s are different from Nissan’s. However one thing remains true and constant in all of those “different” cars. They need their oil changed and some routine maintenance to keep them going and your body is no different.

Your body needs water to survive and oxygen to breathe. That’s a given, but where’s the routine maintenance? You must always keep your body moving and giving it some “routine maintenance”.

You can start by stretching after sitting in your work chair for hours at a time. Super simple.

You can start working out once per week if you don’t workout at all. 2 times if you workout once per week. Super simple. 30–45 minutes of routine maintenance and you are on track to a healthier you already. Which brings us to tip three.

3. Set A Goal You Can Achieve Right Away

Start out on the right foot. Set a goal you can accomplish right away for 1 whole week straight. Doing this will get you motivated and in the zone. You’ve already knocked down 1 week of great habits, there are only a few more weeks to go in the month.

Then you can think of incrementing to focus on the year and an overall health goal. However most importantly, complete the first goal! 
This will get the ball rolling downhill for you and that kind of momentum will take the snowball effect and before you know it you’ll realize your health goals and potentially add a few more years onto your life!

4. Don’t Immediately Just Change Everything You Are Doing At Once.

The last thing you want to do if you are beginning on the journey to becoming a healthier you is to just jump off the cliff. That kind of action taking can be counter-productive.

You shouldn’t expect yourself to go from no maintenance on your body to working out 6 times per week and prepping your meals everyday.

That is a good way to get frustrated and overwhelmed, just relax, start with the things that will get that ball rolling as mentioned above and remember… “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Which brings us to our final tip.

5. Be Reasonable

For some starting on this journey you may have had bad habits for many months or even many many years.

Be reasonable with yourself and know that after years of stress you may have put your body through, it won’t be reversible in 1 month.

But it is reversible!!

Setting yourself a goal of losing 30 pounds in one month would be reaching. But you can achieve the goal by starting with habits that are so easy to begin that before you know it you’ll be a happy, healthier, more fit you.

There you have it, 5 super simple tips to getting yourself on the right track to a fitness level you want and need to have.

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