Our New Years resolution

Fit In Clouds just wrapped up another amazing year. About 6 years ago when we registered the domain, we did it just for one year…because who knew if would be around in year 2! Not many people had heard about foldable flats, or its concept, but based on some initial response, we knew we were on to something. Here we are, now an actual established brand with best seller flats on Overstock, ShoeBuy and also available at retailers across the country! So what’s our plan for 2016? They can be put in three big buckets:

1) Be Bold (in design)

At the end of the day, we are a fashion brand. Women love our portable ballet flats because it serves a utility, is comfortable to wear, and complements their style. To that end, this year, we plan to introduce some bold new designs that place fashion and comfort over utility. It’s going a going the pair of foldable flat that even women just needs to have in her closet!

2) Be Social (and focused)

To be honest, we have been a little bit behind in our social efforts. Going beyond establishing our presence, the moment we seem to have a handle on one, another one comes along. While we have kept up with Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest (to come extent), our presence on Instagram, Google Plus needs a lot of work. And those are just the ones in sight! There are a few more, that are in wait and watch mode. This year, we plan to dedicate some serious bandwidth to growing our social channels.

3) Be Open (and honest)

Customers love transparency and there is not much to hide, honestly! Whether it is an upcoming sale, new product styles being added, or customer service issues, we are going to put it all out there! That is the reason we started using Medium, and will continue to use it with the goal of having an open and honest discussion with our customers that goes beyond flashy images and 140 character tweets!

Happy New year!

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