We are at a time and age where in each individual is racing against time and in this desperate attempt to keep up we forget all about our health and fitness, and for those of us who do remember, we tend to believe certain MYTHS while working out and hence our efforts are not as fruitful as we would have hoped.

Today we are going to talk about one of the major myths we tend to fall prey to- How crunches are the key to flat abs and how most of us are told the same by our trainers and made to believe so.

So firstly, the belief that crunches are key to flat abs is purely a MYTH.

FACT: Even though crunches might be the most iconic abdominal exercise but doing crunches is not the most effective way of toning your abdominal section since they don’t burn a lot of calories and hence don’t help in losing a lot of mass, and this has been proved through extensive research.

Moves involving your distal trunk — which includes your shoulders and butt, more effectively engage your entire core. Therefore you will whittle your waist way more effectively by doing planks and bridges and if you are doing crunches, make sure you do them in the right position or else you could injure your spine !

Stay tuned for more myth busters and #stayfitwithfitblink !

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