When ‘Insane Saints’ go riding in…

On the eve of 15th Aug our ever itchy riders from ‘Trail Riders Delhi’ started bombarding the watsap forum seeking another ride as it would be a holiday for most of us. Though I had missed my ‘riding practice’ on the Sunday gone by but I wasn’t still very keen as my fresh quadricep injury wasn’t letting me even walk properly forget ‘offroading’ but the peer pressure put the agony of an injury in the back-burner & I decided to ride albiet easy-peasy.

70th Independence Day was not an ordinary day, dawn was beautiful & placid except for the roaring of the engine. Throttle Shrottle at 0600 hrs was our pit stop where riders from as far as Gaziabad had already checked in but for the local ones who were well past the time.Well, ‘Nawab’ , I mean ‘Shahnawaz’ stuck to his rapport of the ‘last rider in’ (some pun intended) and we were all set to blaze the trail, though I was still sceptical of the nagging pain in my thigh.

We were close to 15 riders all lined up at the ‘Summer Sprint’ gateway. It was not just another day but the ‘ride to freedom’ with small tricolors handed over to us by Deepak which now adorned our machines & added to the moment. It would be appropriate here to mention that we had a pillion in Ritu & a cruiser in Jayesh which is a little out of the box for an offroading adventure.

Riders started revving & speeding while others rode with caution on the unforgiving trail which by now has attained the status of backyard for most of us. Every time we ride this turf we are in for surprises, interspersed with puddles at times & crevices the other. But this time we were in for more surprises if not shocks as the rainy season had led the ‘kikar’ to sprawl all out intervening the trail & stamping us in with their sharp thorns like a bouncer at the entrance of the bar. Infact at a point I tried to make a mad rush on the turf & these ‘bouncers’ tried to hold me back but yo, I teared through (though literally). Next was a deep crevice which waited impatiently to trap me (may be it rightly presumed that I was not in shape 1) but I dint succumb & sped through though my already injured leg had to waddle through & the resultant pain shot into me like a pin — but I was through & feeling accomplished.

Within some time we were at the last drop & hairpin bend into the ‘Damdama Lake Valley’. While we waited for others to join in I was specially concerned about Jayesh who was riding ‘’Black Cat’ — RE 350 cc CI Engine on such crazy trail & voila, what did I see, Jayesh rolling down the climb with a snapped clutch & hand brake lever…..!!

Fending our way beyond the point seemed impossible due to huge water logging courtesy the rainy season offering a formidable block into Damdama. Good sense prevailed & we called back our recce riders to ride back through the same route back.

This wasn’t another ride but an eventful one considering the level of difficulty & varied experiences of a pillion switching seats with more eager & accommodating rodeos, a CI doing 17 kms of trail sans clutch lever ….well done ‘Black Cat’ , vodka shots enroute & finally the sumptuous kadee, paratha & shahi paneer for some of us over endless yapping & smoke. Another eventful day came to an event when the ‘Insane Saints went riding in’. What better way would have been there than to celebrate this spirit of independence far from madness.

Love you my rider friends, mentors & guides from TRD. I hope this thread of madness of motorcycling continue to hold us together, today & always , Jai Hind !!

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