Using Your Non-Dominant Hand to Get Over Plateaus

This week Christa shares an incredibly personal account about hitting a plateau and how she engaged the subconscious mind to overcome it. This quick-tip is just right for when you’re in a rush and need a great nugget of info to help you put an end to dieting and make a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

Deep-Rooted Pain Blocking Weight Loss Efforts

Christa found herself working with a naturopath, trying the controversial HCG Diet. Limiting herself to 500 calories per day, while taking an injection to stimulate a hormone that uses fat stores as fuel. The diet promotes 1 lb. of weight loss per day.

At day 15 she noticed the weight loss just stopped and this continued for 3 days. After being concerned, as she still had 30+ lbs. of weight to lose, Christa checked in with her naturopath to see what might be going wrong.

“Traumas can get stuck in our mind.”

Her doctor told her she may be stuck at a weight where she experienced trauma and she’d need to work through that before she could release the weight again.

Using Your Dominant Hand to Find Answer

Christa was able to tap into her mind to get answers on what was causing her to be stuck and how to move through them, as she describes in this episode. You can use this technique, as well.

So how does it work? While using your non-dominant hand, you’re accessing the part of your mind that holds subconscious memories because you’re slowing your mind down to a relaxed, focus state — much like in meditation, hypnosis, and Mind Zoning®. Here’s a step-by-step guide to use it yourself:

  1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted
  2. Grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper
  3. Take 3, long deep breaths, releasing any tension
  4. Ask your mind to prepare for you the insight that you need to help you on your fitness journey
  5. Ask a specific question for which you’re needing an answer
  6. Use your non-dominant hand to write out the words that come to mind — without any judgement
  7. Identify your learnings and determine next steps
  8. Take action!

“The very next day I started losing weight again.”

Plateaus aren’t always about our bodies getting used to certain foods and/or exercises. Sometimes they represent stored trauma in the fat cells that needs to be released.