This Is the Straightest Road to Success
Gary Vaynerchuk

I agree, I didn’t even finish year 9 butI have success to a point now where I want and can help others beat the mental game that comes with the torture of proving you a better than that year 9 drop out and better than the bum that your year 9 science teacher said you would be. Yes you do have to work harder ,be more innovative and be braver than your competitor — be prepared to live outside the square and if you can live with the worst possible scenario from having a go then do it — but make sure you can go to bed each night pull the covers up and know youv’e done the right thing that day by people. Good shit does happen to those that work hard good shit happens to those that encourage others good shit happens to those that remember where they came from and where they are now good shit happens to those that show gratitude and teach others the same. Bad shit happens to those that don’t open their ears and eyes and you know what everytime some person corrects my spelling or my grammar ….a tiny bit and just a tiny bit of ego takes over with the reply of ‘look over your shoulder — not bad for somebody who didn't finsih year 9 and has no further education’ Work hard,go deep & live outside the square.

I’ll worry about the full stops when somebody reads my eulogy ☺

Love your work — stay humble Mr.V.

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