Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running: Which Fitness Routine Fits You Better?

Running has always proven to be a good cardio exercise that builds the stamina and strengthens the body. Over the years, we have all been exposed to the exercise evolutions — and running is no exception.

What used to simply mean spending time to run outdoors can now be as effective (or even better for some) with treadmill exercise. Although relatively popular, this routine may not always catch everyone’s fancy because to them, nothing seems to work better than doing it the old way. Similarly, a lot of fitness enthusiasts have made it quite successfully on the treadmill.

What makes one better than the other? Let’s count the ways the use of treadmill is edging over outdoor runs and see why others think it’s the other way around:

Treadmills Let You Enjoy Running in Its Original Form Without Having to Go Out!

You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your homes because some types of treadmill machines can be used in your own space. Talk about privacy! Also, generally speaking, working out in highways and crowded places make you much more prone to accidents compared to working out indoors.

With Traditional Running, on the Other Hand, You Get to Enjoy the Health Benefits Without Having to Miss out on the Best Things That the Outdoors Can Offer.

Choosing your track is an important factor here; pick a place that will make you feel comfortable and happier while getting fit.

When on the Treadmill, You Can Be Sure You’ll Not Miss out a Workout Session

Whether it’s stormy or extremely hot outside, you still get to run! You don’t get to do that with outdoor running; it’s inevitable you may have to either cancel or postpone the routine because of some weather issue.

What’s Good About a Treadmill That’s Too Expensive?

This is one of the biggest arguments that may change people’s minds about this exercise equipment. A good quality treadmill’s price ranges anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. Maintenance may just be as pricey — and you definitely can’t work on a broken treadmill.

While Expensive, Treadmills Have a Lot of Great Features

One of which is that you run on a treadmill, you get to run without straining your feet, unlike with traditional outdoor runs. Most modern exercise machines like the treadmill also has a feature that helps you track calories lost and more.


Whether it is running on the treadmill or the outdoors that does it for you, the important thing to remember is that you perform this exercise in the right state of health and with the advice of your health professional. Make sure you’re performing the workout that not only meets your fitness needs but also under the circumstances that keep you happy each time!

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