Atento for Mac


Atento for Mac is a productivity app that helps you to avoid Procrastination and Distractions at work

With Atento you will identify those applications and websites that distract you from your goal

Atento main window


  • Always accesible at your Menu Bar
  • TouchBar support on new MacBook Pro
  • Dashboard for quickly information related to yours daily distractions
  • With Atento you can take a look at every moment to all apps and websites that has been opened in your computer.
  • Realize how much time an app or website has been in foreground and when.
  • Identify new apps or websites as Time Thieves and keep an eye over this apps and websites especially.


Atento is available right now at the Mac App Store.

Mac App Store link:

Price (Special offer until June 5th): $ 1.99

Price: $5.99


Any question? Please, contact us by email or send a Direct Message on twitter.

Email: atento [at] desappstre [dot] com

Twitter: @GetAtentoApp

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Me gustan las camisetas y las zapatillas de deporte // Desarrollo y Diseño para sistemas Apple // Creador de @GetPomodoroApp · @GetAtentoApp · @MADatBUS y más.

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