Tomates Time Management for Mac

The Tomate Time Management for macOS helps you to improve your productivity using one of the most effective management method in personal or pair working environments.

The app is highly configurable in aspects like time for breaks or tasks, notifications, pomodoro series… all of it in a beautiful and detailed interface.

Version 6— Time Thieves

This new version comes with a great feature that is focus on help user to detect those apps and websites that moves him away from his goal

Time Thieves main window

Some of this feature advantages…

  1. With Atento you can take a look at every moment to all apps and websites that has been opened in your computer.
  2. Realize how much time an app or website has been in foreground and when.
  3. Identify new apps or websites as Time Thieves and keep an eye over this apps and websites especially.

Tomates meets Notification Center

Now you can take a look at your daily progress from your Mac Notification Center. Simply add the Pomodoro Today Extension.

Today Extension

Now Reports can be printed or saved as PDF from the reports view. With this new feature you can share your reports when you need it.

Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro

The last minor version adds support to the new Touch Bar technology available on new MacBook Pro.

Now you can manage Timer from the Touch Bar, and reset timer, session and goal counters as well.

Another Touch Bar functions availables are located on Reports and Activity History windows.

It’s All About Reports

The focus in this new release has been to provide a great reporting system to all our users.

The app now has 2 different kind of reports, task based and time based, and the time based contains four predefined periods (today, workweek, week and month) and a custom period report.

With this idea in mind, we have tried to design and develop the report system.

Report window. Workweek report


Inside Tomates Time Management you could find…

  • Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro
  • Reports to compare your productivity
  • Beautiful graphs to check your progress in a blink of an eye
  • Customize task time
  • Customize short and long break time
  • Choose to play a sound or not when a break or a task has finished
  • Set how many tasks are a Work Serie
  • The task timer can be paused/resumed/reseted
  • Session and Goal counters can be reseted


You can find Tomates Time Management in the Mac App Store right now.

Mac App Store link:

Price: $ 2.99


Feedback is welcome, and we will be so happy to read you no matter if you have something to say or simply want to say Hi!

By email… tomates[at] desappstre [dot] com


Press Kit Resources

Here you will find app icon, screenshots, mockups and video, not sorted in that way ;-), related to Tomates Time Management.


Atento — Included since version 6



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