3 Simple Steps to Better Health

There are many diet and exercise program available today. Some are very effective and have helped many people.

Below I have identifies 3 Simple Steps that will lead to a healthier, happier life.

Crash Diet and Exercise Do Not lead to Long-Term Results

#1 Change Your Lifestyle

Achieving long-term diet and exercise goals means changing your lifestyle and forming healthy habits.

Don’t think ‘I need to loose XX lbs’ and look for the latest diet fad. Crash diets may have sort-term results, but you will most likely regain the weight once the diet is finished.

Creating a new Lifestyle, changing your behaviors and forming healthy habits may sound overwhelming, but see how simple it is by reading Step #2 below…

READ: Creating Healthy Habits in 2016 to learn more.


Hacking Health

There is a convince store on nearly every block making it quick and easy to buy foods that many not be the best for your health.

Living a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be less convenient, making good food choices may not be as easy and many take more time out of your already busy schedule.

Hacking Your Health makes living a healthy lifestyle fast, easy and affordable.

23 Unexpected Ways to Hack Your Health

Did you know that the omega-3 in salmon helps fight stress?

#2 Eat Better & Move More

It is that simple. Really.


Make better food choices. Stop eating fast food, choose healthier snacks, etc.


Take the stairs vs. an escalator. Park your car in the furthers spot from the door. Better yet, walk or ride your bike to the market.

You will see immediate results.

ShopWell helps you make better food choices by providing Personalized Food Scoring, creates a Healthier Shopping List by suggesting alternatives — all by reading product barcodes.

Socialization & Gamification Help People Stay On-Track and Meet Their Diet and Exercise Goals.

Need a some extra motivation or support?

DietBet offers social games where users wager real-money on their ability to achieve your diet goals.

Or create your own diet or exercise challenge and invite coworkers, family & friends to compete at Challengerunner.

Lifestyle Diets

It is important to distinguish between crash diets and lifestyle diets.

If you have formed healthy habits and lead a healthy lifestyle, a crash diet cleanse may be effective to take off excess weight gained over the holidays and some popular diet plans do help in forming healthy habits that are the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle, or ‘alternative diet plans,’ are permeant changes in what people eat, usually meant based on a theory and/or science and meant to achieve specific goals. One example is choosing a diet to prevent or manage disease.

The Paleo Diet

My family follows a lifestyle diet called The Paleo Diet.

The theory behind The Paleo Diet is that the Agricultural Revolution has lead to many foods being produced for us that our bodies were not meant to eat. Paleo is based on the idea that this mismatch between our bodies and our diet might be the reason for modern health problems like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Just like any other animal, humans suffer when we stray from our natural diet, but when we return to it, we see positive changes in our lives and a reduction of disease.

Learn more about The Paleo Diet at PaleoLeap where you will also find many resources and tools.

#3 Track Everything

If you don’t know where you are going you will never get there and you can’t measure results when you don’t track progress.

Keep a Food Journal or use a Diet App to track what you eat.

  • Enter your current body measurements
  • Write down your goals
  • Record what you eat
  • Count calories, fat, etc.

MyFitnessPal (UA Connected Fitness) is the most popular food tracking app (+80M Downloads). +5 Million foods (community-supported) and new restaurant logging make MFP easy to use and helps develop healthy habits. Integrated with UA fitness and other popular apps.

  • Guided setup helps you set goals
  • Daily calorie target determined by your goals
  • Calories automatically added to your total when you enter food
  • Calories automatically deducted when you enter exercise or exercise is collected from partner apps, such as your fitness tracker or gym software (weight from digital scale)
  • MyFitnessPal will let you know when you will reach your weight goal based on current food and exercise

Lose It! is another popular diet app based on calorie tracking that is easy to use, integrates with popular apps & devices, provides support from friends & family via social tools and has integrated challenges for gamification.

Let’s review..

3 Simple Steps to Better Health

#1 Make a Lifestyle Change

#2 Eat Better & Move More

#3 Track Everything

Jonathan Miller

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