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I have spent all of my 25+ year career at startups.

There can be a great amount of pressure, especially at venture funded companies in hot markets. The expectations can very high and the work ethic amongst the most demanding.

The experiences I have had have been very positive. There is a special energy generated when working with group of super smart and talented people, creating something completely new. The competition increases the energy and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach a position of market leadership is unbeatable.

It takes a group of very unique people to build a successful startup.

A few years ago, I changed my focus to fitness which has the added advantage of working in an industry where the majority of people are very friendly, positive and encouraging.

Combating the global obesity crisis adds a level of purpose not found at most startups.

With technology we are able to gamify & socialize fitness. What was previously a means to an end is transformed into an addiction that people desire to do often and set of tasks performed by an individual becomes a community of purpose.

Fitocracy is a mobile app that gamifies fitness for a community of millions of users, Peloton is an interactive bike that allows riders to join live spin classes from their living and UNICEF Kid Power encourages kids get active tracked by the Kid Power which unlocks food packets for malnourished children.

The A Step Ahead Challenge gamifies corporate wellness, companies can easily create their own corporate fitness challenges with Challengerunner, trackers, like Fitbit, can be used to measure performance in challenges and the data can be shared with corporate insurers, significantly reducing costs. Fitness Technolgy adds fun to the workplace reducing stress and leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Companies like Badgeville are gamifying the workplace from training to customer service. Better trained employees are having more fun at work, leading to hgher productivity and more profitable companies.

Jonathan C. Miler

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