Solving Homelessness in San Francisco
Greg Gopman

The Homeless Community is a Part of SF

Greg —

First, let me applaud your reversal of thinking. The homeless community is a part of San Francisco and more people need to be working on solutions vs. critiquing the problem…

…. light fires, don’t curse the darkness.

In my opinion, a key to helping the homeless community is focusing on the 90% that suffer from mental illness. A great many of these people are effected by something called Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is a very tricky disease because it presents some symptoms that make it difficult for people to accept treatment. But, the good news is that BPD is treatable.

My suggestion is to require that homeless people agree to treatment for mental disorders if they are to receive support from the government.

To the people addressing this problem, I admit that my suggestion is simple and execution is more complicated. I am confident that the intelligent, capable professionals providing assistance to SF’s homeless community can figure out a way to make my suggestion work.

Again, kudos to you Greg. SF needs more people like you.


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