4 Tools To Help You Train Like An Olympian

After two weeks of incredible displays of athleticism, record-shattering performances, 32 year old “boys being boys” , and enviable displays of self-confidence (see below), the 2016 Olympics finally came to a close Sunday evening.

She got this.

The USA dominated in the medal count with 121 total (46 gold). China came in second with 70 total medals (26 gold), and Great Britain finished third with 67 total medals (27 gold). Click here to see the full medal count by country.

While years of hard work, perseverance, and great genetics are key to Olympic success, it never hurts to train with the right tools.

Below, we’ve compiled 4 training and recovery tools popular among Olympic athletes. Even better, these tools are all available to us mere mortals.

1. PUSH Band

PUSH yourself to reach your pedestal

Quality over quantity. Designed for the weight room, PUSH Band connects with your smart phone to give actionable feedback on every rep. Set your training goal and let PUSH tell you when to go harder or pull back during each workout.

2. Halo Sport

Pre-workout for the brain

The first pair of headphones to incorporate neurotechnology, Halo Sport uses pulses of energy to prime your brain and nervous system resulting in accelerated strength and skill acquisition. All while listening to your favorite music.


Take a rest day or push through?

Whoop continuously collects and stores data about your strain, recovery, and sleep, providing you with actionable feedback to improve your performance and avoid overtraining.

4. Normatec Pulse

Recover like an Olympian

Similar to getting a massage, Normatec Pulse’s Massage Pattern technology kneads, compresses, and pulses on your limb of choice to enhance blood flow and speed recovery.

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