Thanks for giving me the Gift of Life. Whatever I become, I’d never be able to give you something that can match up to that. So for now I will just gift you me for eternity. I will gift you the promise that I will become a better me for you. I will gift you the promise that I will stand by you, for you, for all the times to come. I will gift you the promise that I will trouble you little less than yesterday, and I will love and respect you a little more than yesterday. For I know your story and I know I could never come across someone as brave and strong as you. So today I wish you good health to see many more amazing times ahead and peace of mind, for sooner or later the turbulence needs to call it a day too.

So here is a little poem for you on your Birthday ~

She is tender

Yet Fierce

She is quiet

Yet speaks volumes

We’ve seen her shallow waters

Haven’t seen her storm

Her face is merely a surface

To thousands stories unsaid

Her love is unconditional

She knows not yet

Honey & Wildfire

Are both coloured Gold

Maa ~~ is a gazillions stories


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