Waist Trainers — The Pros And Cons

I’m sure you’ve heard of the waist training craze? If not, welcome back from life under that rock. Waist training has blown up our world in the last couple of years thanks to Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, who swear by this method for bouncing back into their bodies after giving birth. Surely if these A-listers use these corsets they must be safe.

But do the pros outweigh the cons? Let me take you through the pros and cons of waist training and you can have the final judgement? Listen up to get the skinny on corsets.


An “Hourglass” Figure:

This is the reason myself and I believe many other women started their journey of waist training. When Kimmy K blew onto our screens, every woman was green eyed over her curvy hourglass figure. Waist training offered a way for women to clinch in the waist and accentuate the curves of the bustline and hips and if worn consistently the hourglass figure can be seen without even having to wear the waist trainer. If you are not comfortable wearing a waist trainer consistently, I know women who prefer to just wear their waist trainer under their clothes, for a quick fix for a special event. Either way an instant hourglass shape had me sold.

Improves Posture

Wearing a corset forces you to maintain good posture both while sitting down and standing up. While you’re studying and doing work at your desk, it’s a great idea to wear a waist trainer to help keep your back aligned and pain free. The steel boning in the waist trainer is rigid, and doesn’t allow for slouching.

Improves Confidence

I live by the saying if it makes you feel good, to hell with what anyone else thinks. Waist training makes me feel good I look in the mirror and see my tiny waist and smile at my new waist line. I ooze confidence when wearing it and I have heard from many other women that they too feel this way.

Weight Loss

Yes, you heard me right waist trainers are a weight loss aid. Let me explain how. Before waist training, during meal times, I would not leave a thing on my plate I would even lick it clean while maybe going for a second plate. If I could fit it in, I would even though I was completely satisfied and not hungry anymore. But wearing my waist trainer while eating I found I was leaving food on my plate! I was eating until I felt satisfied and walking away. It prevented me overeating which I struggled with. With that said, just wearing the waist trainer alone won’t help you lose weight. They don’t magically melt away body fat unfortunately! Try incorporating exercise with this method though and you are on to a winner.

Accentuates and offers great support to the Bustline.

Waist trainers are the best push up bra you’ll ever buy. Believe me, I went from having two backs to my busts up at my chin. The waist trainer offers great support for the breasts. And holds them exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Pain Relief and Back Support

Believe it or not I have a friend who wears a waist trainer for her endless back pain. The corset gives her pain relief as it forces her into correct posture and eliminates her from slouching.

Postpartum Waist Strengthening & Tightening

There’s a lot of training that happens once you have a baby! Training the baby to sleep and toilet training come to mind, but what about waist training? Many women, including Kimmy K and Jessica Alba swear by waist trainers to return to their natural waist size quicker than usual after having a baby.

Sounds great doesn’t it? But, no matter what it is you will ALWAYS find plenty of critics! Critics have slated waist trainers and talked about how dangerous they are and how if you put one of these on you will crush your organs and die! I know, very extreme just like those critics. They like to exaggerate but the truth is it’s actually safe to wear a corset AND even to waist train without damaging your body. However, that is only if you waist train safely. It should never hurt, if you experience pain your WT Is too tight. Remember slow and steady wins the race. I know they say no pain no gain when it comes to weight training but that does not apply here. You should never feel pain. With that said, let’s move onto the few cons of using waist trainers.


Can be Visible Under Clothing

If you’re trying to waist train without anyone noticing, especially those critics, make sure you pick the right style corset and colour. Also the type of clothing you wear helps too. Flimsy clothing won’t work well for concealing Corsets, thicker materials are best, especially ruched materials. They are great for hiding any lumps and bumps.

You Can Sweat and Get Very Warm.

Well, this I’m sure my fellow waist trainists can relate to. After a couple of hours wearing your waist trainer the body temperature can rise especially on a hot day. On the flip side, as we sweat under our WT we begin to lose water weight which accumulates in the stomach region. Also, waist training during winter months keeps us warmer.

It Can be Addictive

This can happen but it is important to remember everything in moderation. Always use safe practice when using your waist trainer and don’t take it to unhealthy extremes.

You Can Experience Acid Reflux

Some people claim to suffer from acid reflux while wearing Waist Trainers but this does make sense if you Waist Trainer is way too tight especially during meal times. Again it should not feel tight and if you are still experiencing acid reflux after loosening, simply take your waist trainer off during meals to allow for proper digestion.

Shallow Breathing

Don’t be that girl who sacrifices necessary breathing for looking good! Heck, you won’t look good when you turn purple. If your waist trainer is too tight you will experience your breathing becoming shallow. Wear your waist trainer comfortably and do not let it get to this point listen to your body!

So there we have it! Again the key here to avoid all the cons that come along with Waist Trainers is safe practice. If you use your Waist Trainer properly you will not experience majority of these cons, so I’ve decided the pros far outweigh the cons! But see for yourselves and I hope to hear about your experience with waist trainers soon!